Close • Posted by just now. 2. It's an amaazing boss so I'd defenitly advice using one. I believe). Played a bunch in 6th, 7th, and then 8th edition but since I foolishly sold my all my WHFB armies when AOS dropped (as many people did). Gluttons are amazing for their points and I love running two big units of them to handle anything I need to. 2000 POINTS. 2000pt Ogor List Help. Are you doing a Blood Gullet tribe or your own tribe? I’ll grab a Tyrant and try this out! You're ambushing with the hunter but you'd need a minimum of 4 frost sabers to be scary, and other than that its the same as 2 but sacrifices good melee and meh shooting for the ability to spring up out of the ground. 2000pt Ogor List Help. Buuuut I kinda want to play the stuff I have already ahah! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Here’s what I plan to test this week end: I plan on letting the 6 protect the leaders on the map while the big pack would charge and hopefully crush the units in front of them. Each one is 2,000 points or less, and features vastly different play styles. They may not have rend, but at two damage per attack and possibly combined with some spell support from a Butcher or Slaughtermaster they will make work of even the hardiest opponent. Press J to jump to the feed. Breakfast battle Underguts v1. 3 Stonehorns, a cannon and a cogsmith just hangin around talkin rerolls. Trying to build a 1000 points list of Ogor! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And the butcher is just because I bought one of each on recommandation for a starting ogor force! You can go with a Frostlord on Stonehorn with two stonehorn beastriders. 3; 1; Views: 1,191. Finally figured out a 1000 point list. Let us know how it went and what list you used. by Kyle Ward Honest Goblin on 14th Jun 2020. I'm curious how I could give the list some decent competitive teeth (at least as far as mawtribes go) if I ever expanded the army to 2000. The second one has a decent screen/objective grabber, leadbelchers you kinda cant go wrong with; decent shooting, that -1 to armor is nice too, and bonuses if you stand and shoot. by Rob Symes The Boss on 1st Jun 2020. Our strength is in our warscrolls. I've created list after list, gone back and forth on whether I wanted to do a generic army or if I wanted to do one of the tribes. So I went back to scratch and tried to reel myself in to only 1k. Trying to build a 1000 points list of Ogor! Army List. Seems like the most balanced one in my opinion with the Gnorblards offering a good screen for my leaders and having two good battlelines, 2 frost sabre (in ambush with the hunter), I don’t know what to think about it, it seems like a fun way to flank the opponent but I’m a bit worried about the board presence I’ll get with only one pack of gluttons being on the front with a screen of gnorblard. And then another epiphany hit me: I haven't played since 8th, jumping in whole hog at a large point value is probably not a good thing. They just smash everything off the board! We missed first turn so lost. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Used this last night in a doubles game. Ogor Mawtribes. Hi everyone, I’m a new AoS player and my local store is planning a beginner 1000 points tournament, and I have some difficulties finding a list, I put some stuff together and will try them this week end with a friend but I’d be glad to take as many advice as possible from current players! I like that each of your lists have a large pack of 12 Gluttons just running a-mok around the table. log in sign up. It hits like a truck and there are a few cool traits with him.. Tyrant, 12 Gluttons, 8 Ironguts (exactly 1000p.) So I haven't played since 8th, but when the new Battle Tome was announced I bought it right away. Posted by 6 months ago. We couldn’t wait, so we made a few examples – a starter course, if you will. I personally prefer a boulderhead Frostlord on stonehorn with brand of the svard, lord of beasts, and metal cruncher, a Huskard on Stonehorn with black clatterhorn, and two two-man group of mournfang with culling clips and fists. Always have trouble making 1k lists. I might not be able to collect Ironguts as they’re sold out with Leadbelcher in my area for now! The last one has kinda an all over vibe. Stonehorns seem the way to be with BCR however. There are a couple decent approaches for 1k if you're going pure beastclaw. * 12 Ogor Gluttons – 48 wounds of fleshy goodness, for 400 points a unit of these big boys also pumps out 37 attacks, with 6s becoming two hits. That’s a way to do it! Ogor Mawtribes. Yours looks like it's worth a shot! Honestly I would say your three lists are pretty mixed. Very fun game and thought we lost by round 2 but went to the final dice roll to decide who won 5th turn. User account menu • Finally figured out a 1000 point list. by Dani Peterson Honest Goblin on 24th Mar 2020. Posted by 2 years ago. Gutbuster Mawtribes. I recently tested my tyrant and tbh I'm in love with it! Close. But anyway, the list was: FoS w/ ethereal amulet, skilled rider & metal cruncher. I feel like list one will do well for you in just a straight up smash, but if thats what you're going for, do the boulder head tribe route and drown them in tough monsters.