Firefrost stated that Marvel's first Big Bang created the multiverse. Both of them are very powerful, but which is the greatest force in comics? Since Thor punched a whole in Exitar's shell and went on to crush Exitar's skull. Let's take a look. Spelled "phoinix" in Greek, and variously as "phoenix" and "fenix" in Latin, the bird was supposedly extremely long-lived. [2]) | Low Outerverse level (Exists on the same level of reality as other Multiversal Abstracts. As forces from Earth-1610 attacked Earth-616 over Manhattan, the incursion point, the Phoenix Egg finally hatched. When walking the streets, Yu-Ti came across Fongji Wu, the daughter of a woman who had ventured to the outside world and lain with a man from beyond K'un-Lun. Scott, then, proposed to the Phoenix. Jean held onto the Phoenix Force's arm and fell into a coma-like state. Jean would have succumbed, were it not for the Phoenix leaving Madelyne at that time and returning to Jean. She asked Wolverine to kill her, forcing the Phoenix to bring her back over and over again, until the Phoenix was weak enough that Jean could kill them both, by submerging herself under a glacier. [63], The Phoenix Five were briefly captured by Mr. Sinister and using his technology, he managed to harness the Phoenix Force into six clones of Madelyne Pryor. Due to their diamond hearts' flawless state it could not be destroyed even by splintered Phoenix itself. A one-stop shop for all things video games. [55] Ink used the Phoenix powers to resurrect his fallen teammate Dust leaving him in a comatose state with the Phoenix tattoo disappearing.[56]. The Phoenix Force Vs The Speed Force: Which Is More Powerful? Cogito . And Odin was only given a fraction of it by Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, and RKT obtained the full Odinforce after destroying them. You see, the Dark Phoenix was an attempt by the Phoenix Force to live like a human by copying the essence of its "host," Jean Grey. and is also called the Nexus of all Realities. The Phoenix Force is the cosmic embodiment of life and all psionic energy, born with the beginning of the universe, representing all life that has not yet been born. The Shi'Ar, one of the Marvel Universe's most powerful alien races have had long dealings with the Phoenix Force... and they've all been bad. [78], During Thor's battle against the Phoenix Force, which had been caused by the Shi'ar gods Sharra and K'ythri, Quentin Quire absorbed a small piece of it, thus becoming its host, and replaced Sharra and K'ythri as the new god of the Shi'ar. Unbeknownst to Cyclops, as Phoenix was talking to him, she was using her powers to activate an ancient Kree energy weapon behind her. Confused, it attempted to force Cyclops to open his eyes so that she could feed on his optic blasts. A very questionable move. The Phoenix attacked Doom; however, as the master of this new universe, Doom was too powerful even for the Phoenix and killed Cyclops by snapping his neck. As a gift of mercy, Phoenix had saved all of the X-Men present, but not before they had saved her. [citation needed], At some point, former Phoenix host Cyclops acquired a Phoenix Egg, which he held in reserve, hoping to use it to end the Incursions. Determining that she needed to leave Earth in order to prevent the possibility of losing control from coming to pass, Fongji ventured off into space, never to be seen again. but, the pf HAS had it's fair share of less than stellar performances. Further inflaming the situation were the crew of the Shi'ar warship who were converging around Earth to attack the Phoenix. The Phoenix Force, mistakenly, gave a spark of itself to Madelyne, granting her a life force and some of Jean's memories. Although Jean did it in a What if. The Speed Force started existing at one point and also always existed. As the Phoenix drew closer, Hope traveled to the Blue Area of the Moon to confront it, with the X-Men and Avengers in pursuit. The plan seemingly worked, trapping the two of them in an equilibrium inside the containment unit. Celeste however, who was still in partial control of both herself and her sisters' super-mind, alerted the X-Men that they could short-circuit the girls' linkage by destroying Sublime's machinery. and is the only one that can halt M'kraan's destruction. He then demanded Iron Man and Captain Marvel to give him the Starbrand baby promising that he would not harm her, but they refused prompting Marc to push them aside. It is probably the only character who can permanently erase The Phoenix Force. fly and travel across interstellar distances, Power-scaling Rules for Marvel and DC Comics, Stated to be of creation and beyond reality. Recent interventions of the Phoenix suggest that "what doesn't work" is what has become stagnant instead of naturally evolving. Jean Grey using all the Phoenix Force should be able to put Odin in a good fight as there is some power decrease when the Phoenix Force is in somebody's body. However, as this happened, the Shi'ar warship created an Event Horizon above the North Pole, which annihilated everyone there. [27], The Phoenix Force was called back to Earth when it felt the mind of a human transcend the physical realm, a mind that resonated with the Phoenix's energy. [75], A Phoenix Egg reappeared in the restored universe and was taken by Terrax before being stolen by Thane with the help of the Champion of the Universe, Starfox, and Nebula. The name and bird-like appearance of Phoenix are derived from a mythological bird from Greco-Roman mythology. leonidas. - YouTube As Jean was a part of the Phoenix, she was more than a match for it, and separated it from Emma's body, merging with it again. In that moment of lucidity, Phoenix fled into a back alley, with Cyclops in pursuit. While they are both strong, here's how they compare. Lilandra ordered Plan Omega, which would destroy the whole solar system, in hopes of eliminating Dark Phoenix as well. It was a great feat, lets not compare it to hitting the exhaust port on the Death Star. [citation needed], A billion years ago,[verification needed] the alien Demon Lords of Stasis weaved a spell that had halted evolution on their planet. For every positive, there is a negative, whether it be the charge of atomic particles or matter and anti-matter and the Speed Force is no different- there is a Negative Speed Force. 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