Review: Let Him Go Is a Hammy Melodrama That’s Parched for Backstory. Portishead and Massive Attack were the pioneers and most influential artists in trip hop and they both produced two trip hop masterpieces but I believe Dummy to be the best of the two. Your nightly "Lo-fi hip hop beats" on YouTube could never. Review: Portishead, Dummy. Film. The Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix Right Now. The landmark debut album from Portishead provides some of most lovely and perfectly textured trip hop songs of all time. Apparently Portishead spent the interim between their first and second albums in Siberia with a couple canisters of liquid nitrogen handy because Portishead has ice sliced in its veins. Pioneering the way for the genre, "Dummy" blossoms more with every unique instrumental, and every angelic vocal note that Beth Gibbons hits. Portishead was the unlikely combination of a hip-hop aficionado Geoff Barrow, jazz-guitarist Adrian Utley, and a relatively-unknown singer named Beth Gibbons who, with nary a collective live performance to speak of, ultimately coalesced during recording sessions for what would eventually become Dummy. Review Summary: For Tomorrow: A Guide to Contemporary British Music, 1988-2013 (Part 33) Geez, I thought Dummy was a cold album. Review: The Dark and the Wicked Is an Impressively Sustained Freak-Out. Home » In English » Reviews » You are reading » Portishead : Dummy Lonereviewer November 13, 2016 Portishead : Dummy 2016-11-13T16:47:18+01:00 In English , Reviews No Comment On the one hand, it's a shame that trip hop peaked so early, but on the other hand it's a genre that's kind of set in time and in a city - The Bristol scene. The Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now.