The exterior design of this rustic home is just amazing, and we love it. The least successful combinations will be green and dark blue or turquoise hues, it is also not necessary to decorate the facade in one tone with the roof. Other than that, you can also see that the box bay window and the portico of the house have a metal roof with a similar color. To take things even a step further, do not be afraid to add more color to your home's color palette. It gives contrast look among our house, the sky, and the lawn. The nuance of modern will totally look from this white house. Stone looks great with all colors, but it can shine with grays and browns. It seems to tie the grey tones. Both of them look compatible with the brown metal roof. One of the more classic roof and house color combinations is, of course, brown. It’s not just your siding and your roof that you need to consider when coordinating your exterior colors; you also need to pay attention to your accents and trim to get the desired look. Ah, a classic—the black roof and white house color combination, a staple that dates back into our Colonial history, so much so, that even our president resides in the traditional White House. When you nail to a roof you could be compromising the entire roof system. If we have chosen brown as the roof color, we can have beige or cream color for the exterior design. Your home’s curb appeal plays a big role in determining its value. The best roof shingle and house combinations for your unique property can be tough to figure out, but there are plenty of resources including roof color visualizers, roof color charts, roof color simulators, roof color … Home Improvement: Is it Safe to Nail to a Roof. Generally, the more contrast you add to the exterior, the more dramatic the final look. Daily Bungalow has uploaded 10375 photos to Flickr. The exterior of a home is the first thing people see, and your first chance to make an impression on visitors and anyone passing by. My favorite home on the tour, a 1944 bungalow, is one that I didn't photograph the outside of because the exterior was rather plain and uninteresting. For something different in terms of roof and house color combinations, consider part of a dark roof mixed with something different, maybe even a coppery colored portion. One of the more classic roof and house color combinations is, of course, brown. For example, if you have a very bold, colored home, such as a Barn Red, then any roof color is going to contrast it. Something like this is also suitable to apply in the house’s body, as you can see in the traditional home. We may paint the window and the door with brown cinnamon, as brown as the roof, while the wall is beige. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. Instead of going with siding that is an ordinary shade of brown, spice things up by choosing one that has more of a reddish hue. Relating to the house concept, brown is chosen to represent the strength of the house, especially the exterior design. Overall, the exterior color scheme looks timeless. You don’t have to set any trends if you don’t want to, and going classic or traditional can be just as fun and clever as choosing something unique or unheard of. Homeowners trust Feldco Roofing because we take the roofing process and make it as easy as possible for you while providing unbeatable roofing products, installation and customer service. The answer to this question is quite easy. You would be surprised what a difference the color of your roof makes with the overall appearance of your house. For something a little more unique, take things up a notch by combining not only two colors, but adding some stone accents into the mix. How a novice homeowner mastered a DIY renovation of a small bungalow. It’s that dark, royal blue with the white window trim, you know, the one you drive past and every time, you turn your head in awe. Every homeowner hopes that the first impression is a good one, that their home leaves people awed and full of praise. House and Roof Color Combinations. House Paint Design Outside As a timeless color, white simply can be the next color to be matched with brown roof. You can pair brown with any color effortlessly since it is neutral. Physiologists said that brown presents stability, protection, and responsibility. In the desert-bound cities in Arizona and New Mexico, you’ll find the suburbs lined with cactus and red mulch instead of evergreens, oaks, and grass as green as emeralds. Homeowners all across Chicagoland trust Feldco Roofing for the best roof replacement services. Required fields are marked *. This makes the two areas stand out more distinctly from one another. You can adapt this idea for your tiny house . For a warm exterior, you can pair a brown roof with red brick material. However, if you want a more classic look, something like antique white or off-white is a better choice. With so many different house and roof color combinations, the possibilities are seemingly endless. It’s made up of several factors including the condition of your home, the landscaping, and the color of the facade. In this case, the most common style is a dark roof paired with a stark, white house. For a little more interest, consider roofing and siding color combinations that have a pop of color. The impression of classic but classy also emerges from this color combination. Jun 7, 2020 - Explore Katie Shaffer's board "Exterior House Color Roof Color Combos" on Pinterest. Generally, if you have a warm-toned roof and warm-toned siding, they’ll likely coordinate with one another, and a cool-toned roof and cool-toned siding will also coordinate well. There’s something about this cobalt blue that is so deeply striking, especially when a home’s windows are outlined in stark white for the ultimate contrast. That is why the off-white windows and doors with recessed trim that you can see in the photo can fit in the exterior design very well. Take the time to consider all the different possibilities, look online at pictures, and drive around to see how other houses have for their exterior design. The most important thing is that all are suitable to match with the brown roof and other elements in the exterior. Your roof and siding color combinations do not have to be limited to just one or two colors. While many hues look good together, there are some combinations that can hurt your homes’ curb appeal, while other combinations may increase it dramatically. It fits in all climates, all seasons, and in all eras. Although so, you can see that it always leave a stunning impression that finally makes the house extraordinary. It is not only a compatible match for the black windows and doors. While the contrast won't be as extreme, it will still do enough to help your home stand out and provide a beautiful, warm exterior. While the two exterior elements’ compatibility is unquestionable, let us focus more on the white trim. Unlike gray and black, brown is a softer color and is a much more natural option. The impression of classic but classy also emerges from this color combination. The special thing about the inspirations that we want to share with you here is not merely about the selections of tones but also materials that you can use. This is a good, quick rule of thumb that can help you determine if two colors can work together in a pinch. Click here to watch our sample request video so you know what to expect when your samples arrive. Knowing the basics of coordinating your roof and siding colors can help you make sure that your home’s curb appeal, and thereby value, will be a great investment. Learn more about: cookie policy, Antique White House with Off-White Recessed Trim and Medium Brown Roof, White Paint and Yellow Stone House with Black Trim and Brown Roof, Tan Brick House with Grey Trim and Multi-Tone Brown Roof, Multi-Tan House with Eggnog Trim and Brown Roof, Brown Brick and Tan Stucco House with Brown Trim and Brown Roof, Dark Wood House with Green Trim and Brown Roof, Very-Dark Green and Off-White House with Brown Roof, Red Brick House with White trim and Medium Brown Roof, Dark Blue House with White Trim and Brown Roof, Light Grey House with White Trim and Brown Roof, 8 Most Wonderful Shutter Colors for Tan House Ideas, 17 Striking Red and Black Kitchen Ideas to Style Up Your Interior. This design also proves that any shade of green can be a good match for any brown tone. A leaking roof is easy to detect, right? Either way, consider painting your home a light yellow, just enough for it to project warmth on a cloudy day, and pair it with a Kelly green roof with matching shutters. Deciding the right house colors with brown roof is not a hard thing to do. There are three main colors used in this design. Just like with some of the other house and roof color combinations, having the green will allow it to blend more with nature and create your own private sanctuary. Is your home blessed with a big Southern porch? This summer we have the fun task of painting our home, but first we need to choose the exterior paint colors. Those are the ones that we will focus more on this subheading. With fern boxes beneath every window for a pop of green, this dreamy bright color is a call back to the sophisticated streets of Italy and even in the posh neighborhoods of England. There are many colors to match with brown as exterior design, but we need the best ones.