In what ways do you think we could improve our employee benefits? One way to know better about the real feelings and attitudes within your workforce is to circulate a survey or poll of your own. Click on the verification link in your email to get started. Without a workforce, your business would reach a permanent standstill. If you employees feel that, in any way, their honest response could be traced back to them, they won’t be honest. Sample Benefits Survey : Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. With the role that benefits play, it’s vital that employers offer the right packages. Use this sample questionnaire template to see if your company benefits are at par with your competitor organizations and what more benefits … For example, you can make it completely anonymous or offer the option to leave the employee’s name for follow-up. Select from this list of possible benefits that you find most appealing (followed by a list of 10-20 benefits that you might consider instituting), Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management, Sample Employee Benefits Survey Questions, Spotlight Core Values in the Workplace for Future Candidates, Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE). With more happiness at work, they’re less likely to get sick and use their sick time. For example, “Do you plan on quitting your job at ACME Accounting Agency?” is slightly accusatory. You may also like software survey forms, Conducting an employee benefits survey will not only aid the company to manage their employees and staff’s expectations and needs but will also help them with employee retention issues. It also considers aspects such as overall job satisfaction, employee motivation, company goals, and workplace flexibility. You will have the opportunity to evaluate our company employee benefits program in a range of areas and to communicate directly with our leadership in your own words in the “comments” questions that appear throughout the survey. Aside from healthcare, employee benefits might include other perks of working for the company like 401k contributions, paid time off, sick time, gym memberships, tuition reimbursement, and much more. Since this is more complex, giving the respondent a broader scale might make it easier to answer. Site visitors may receive cookies from us or from third parties such as our partners or service providers. For example, if their employees feel happy with their benefits, they’re likely to feel happier and more satisfied with their job. Are you satisfied with your health plan provider options? As the UK's no.1 independent provider of the Government Cycle to Work scheme, we believe that bikes are good for everybody. Start collecting the answers you need to improve your workplace today. This section must focus on determining the job position of the respondent, the date when he was hired, and an indication of whether or not his spouse and children are beneficiaries of his insurance coverage. Using our unique tools like question branching, you can glean in-depth insight into specific aspects of each employee benefit. Are you currently enrolled in our health plan coverage? With the right management skills and by listening to the thoughts of the employee, any company will be able to achieve an even greater success in their field of business. The consent must specify and describe where the surveyed answers will be used and a protection of the employee’s disclosed information. Sign up for SurveyPlanet today. Many managers and business owners assume that the open complaints they receive (or lack thereof) is an accurate indicator of how happy their employees are. After the completion of the form, the respondent must submit it to the authorized surveyor in order for his ratings be tallied and analyzed. These questions will allow the respondent to explain his side and promote a better communication between the management and his opinions. These questions explore how satisfied employees are with their compensation and benefits, their role inside the organization, and as their overall work environment. This should be in the header section of the form which will imply which company is conducting the survey and when the survey activity will come to an end. We make it easy to create a beautiful and easy-to-use survey to send to your employees. For instance, “Rate your experience with your health benefits to date” should be followed with a scale that makes sense for all the various experiences. Make sure that your method of circulation fits the culture of your company. This survey is designed to provide you with the opportunity to tell us how you think we are doing in meeting your benefits needs. If not, why? Nonetheless, it is significant that the maker of the form will assure that the questions are targeted for the general population of the respondents wherein there are varying job positions and level of understanding. The standard list of benefits is pay, PTO, health benefits and a nice Christmas party every year. For instance, you might ask, “What, in your opinion, is the most challenging aspect of working for ACME Accounting Agency?” In this scenario, instead of a bar graph or pie chart at the end, there will be lots of reading and analysis of what each employee meant by his or her response.