You can read more in my, Like this? Because the neck is tightly bolted to the body, there’s a constant pressure, pulling it to ‘fill’ this gap. Hold the nut with a pliers or tweezers as you do this. Outback Designs Guitar Neck Shims – Durable Bolt-On Neck Plate for Guitar and Bass Repair – Protective Guitar Neck Gasket made from Flexible Nylon – 0.25°, 0.5°, and 1°Degree Guitar Shims - Set of 3. Then, apply a uniform layer of superglue to the bottom of your nut. The idea is to completely impregnate the cardboard with superglue (which is why the thin stuff is better). First off, you don’t want any shiny surfaces for your glueing operation. Making a tapered neck shim for a Stratocaster neck pocket - finer adjustment of taper with sandpaper mounted on a plane. The (exagerated) image above shows what I mean. Be careful not to tear it. Remember, last time, when I talked about shimming a nut with hardwood? I have seen some shims that actually say Fender on them too. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. It might take a few minutes to come through so, don't worry if it's not there immediately. Cool. The low-viscosity, water-thin stuff is best for this job. This has the effect of lowering the action. Then, if your cardboard shim has a glossy/satin coating, very lightly scuff that with the sandpaper. It’ll certainly get you out of a hole if you find yourself with a low nut. Personally, I prefer the idea of a hunk of wood but this is, absolutely, a sound fix and will work perfectly well. There’s a trick,” I say. Download Truss Rods Made Easy for free. You don't want to wear any uneven places anywhere on the neck. Trim the paper close to the nut edges. When dry, use some sandpaper on a flat surface to sand back the protruding cardboard/glue until it’s flush with the sides of the nut. I don't do spam and you can unsubscribe at any time. Nearly impossible with a table saw, now that I have thought about how thin a shim needs to be. Just go in one direction to avoid wrinkling or creasing the cardboard (like … A hand-drawn, illustrated guide to setting up your own Strat. Lots of guitars have sandpaper shims just because there's a lot of old sandpaper laying around the factory. Saturate the paper with low-viscosity superglue. A shim placed at the front of the neck … We’ll sort that out later. Ideally, though, you’ll be careful and not have any drips. Instead of a piece of wood, we glue a piece of cardboard to the bottom of the nut. Doesn’t need to be too thick but a little squeeze-out later isn’t the end of the world. Remember that this is a very light sanding just to remove the glossy film. You are signing up for my email newsletter so the understanding that you'll receive emails is pretty explicit. The low-viscosity glue can run and dribble easily, and it sticks to fingers amazingly quickly. Wait for it to cure off. You can use the sandpaper to even up the bottom of the glue-hardened cardboard too. 00. However, in order to comply with privacy regulations, I also need you to provide consent to store and process the information you've entered. Remember how I mentioned that sometimes you might see a nut shimmed with a piece of cardboard and I advised against that? “Ahhh. What about my tone?” you yell. Glue-hardened cardboard shims. Thanks to Richard for emailing to remind me of this exception. Discussion in 'Squier Stratocasters' started by csbouffard, Apr 12, 2020. It's not that scary. Then, if your cardboard shim has a glossy/satin coating, very lightly scuff that with the sandpaper. A couple of gently rubs will do the trick. As you say, without the shim… The lacquer will come off as a whitish powder when you get … #1 shims are for when you run out of saddle travel. if your paper or card has a gloss coating, remove it. When you place a shim at the end of the neck and then screw the neck back in, there’s a small ‘air pocket’ left. It went from being too high to being just right without me touching it... One string doesn't provide enough tension to pull the neck into its usual position. Coat the bottom of the nut with superglue. ...Oddly, on my black guitar that's had the strings off for a week, I put one string on to do a sound check on the hb I installed and I somehow lost action height.