In this case, use concentrated dish washing liquid, a stiff bristle brush or scouring pad and a little elbow grease to thoroughly clean the cooking surface. Want to know more about cookies and how to delete them, click here. This construction is also an advantage because the bottom is magnetic stainless steel which makes both the pans and pots suitable for induction stovetops. The gas flames may shoot up the side of the pot, exposing the handles to direct heat. However, if you have an induction cooktop then steer away from this one. However, there are some complaints that the HaptIQ cookware becomes discolored later on. This is something you should expect, but you can easily sort it out using a powder cleaner like Bonami. In our research, several people have mentioned that it’s difficult to clean the bottom and the outside walls of the pans. More about our non-stick Share your culinary creations with our hashtag and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest SCANPAN news and promotions. Scanpans warranty does not cover accidental damage. Hansen continues: The handles will then stay cooler or cool. Furthermore, high heat will reduce the non-stick performance. There are three available sets within the series which include: All the pans and pots in the entire HaptIQ range consist of 5-layer clad aluminum and steel construction. As with all stainless steel pans, discoloring can take place when using too high a heat among other things . The fry pan is available in 20cm, 24cm, 26cm, 28cm and 32cm varieties. However, there is a significant price jump between the two, with the IQ being more expensive. It’s a polished steel surface that gets stains and marks right away hence it’s really impossible to clean it well. As far as the durability of the exterior is concerned, HaptIQ cookware is probably better than many other brands out there. The base of all SCANPAN products are round. We do not recommend using any product with bleach or other chlorine-based cleansers. No. This means that heat is distributed evenly making it easy to cook your food. This impressive result is the culmination of the implementation of the latest technology and the skilled work done by specially trained staff. All the HaptIQ cookware including the lids and handles are oven safe up to 260oC which is really nice. SCANPAN are the pans of choice here because of their perfectly flat and smooth base, ensuring total contact with ceramic, glass or halogen cooktops. Once should be aware that the fumes from burning margarine are more intense than that from cookware and may cause more damage to exotic birds. SCANPAN supply uncompromising cookware of the highest quality – developed and produced in Denmark. SCANPAN is oven safe up to 500º F. That includes glass lids and handles. Brilliant pot for stews! Dishwasher chemicals are too harsh on nonstick coatings," concludes Hansen; another simple tip, but good to know. No! 4. The aluminum is hand cast, so it is made with loads of care. ... we suggest to pour water into the pan to cover the base of the pan up to an inch high – put one tablespoon of baking soda per 2 cups of water. Cleaning the nonstick surface is quick and easy since food doesn’t stick at all. to form a layer of oxidization, which results in more or less pronounced discolorations that cannot be totally removed. It is a good idea to keep birds away from the kitchen! SCANPAN heat tempered glass covers are chip resistant but as with any glass product, they may break. But a good scrubbing with a soap filled steel wool pad, such as Brillo® or SOS®, and some concentrated dish washing liquid should restore most, if not all of the shiny finish. This means that heat is distributed evenly making it easy to cook your food. Do not leave any visible or physical food/fat residue in your pan after cleaning; doing so can cause sticking to occur during next use; re-clean, if necessary, using hot water. Obviously we cannot warrant that no damage will arise but have no reported cases of this happening. It also includes several different sets. Scanpan TechnIQ The Modern Skillet non-stick pan (30cm) – unavailable. The discoloration is a sign that the pan surface has been properly prepared and maintained. At least one saucepan is indispensable in small as well as large households. No. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. They have large crescent handles made of stainless steel. For nonstick cookware, 5 or even 7 years is long since most need replacement after only 2 to 3 years. That means that the knives are not only razor sharp when they are brand new. Privacy Policy. The same can’t be said for the exterior though. The pan will not warp or buckle because of its extra thick base. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The 250-ton pressure gets rid of any air pockets or other inclusions, thus ensuring perfect heat distribution without hot spots. Therefore, you get great cooking results and with a tiny bit of butter, food release, and slide around with no issue at all. The highly abrasive cleaning actions of a dishwasher will damage the original Scanpan (pre December 2001) surface in time. Turn off heat and let stand 30 minutes. Want to know more about cookies and how to delete them, click here. There is no process available to re-fit handles. A majority of users agreed that they cook more evenly and retain heat very well, especially over time. This is a slightly more advanced coating used only in their HaptIQ and TechnIQ series. Score: 4/5 The fact that the aluminum layer runs from the base all the way to the sides maximizes heat utilization too which reduces preparation time to a minimum. We have a diagram on how to measure your pan on our WEB site If you select “Scanpan Classic” > “Open Stock” > “Lids and Spares”, you will find the diagram there. In short, the ‘difference’ is the way SCANPAN creates its induction products. They do not penetrate the ceramic-titanium surface, and will not interfere with the performance of the pan. ( You can also use a product called “Barkeepers Friend”. Place cookware on cooktop and pre-heat at this level for approx 5 mins. Add strips of vegetable, slices of chicken, add noodles and you're there.