View cart for details. The most commonly used springs for furniture are coil springs, sinuous (sag-less) springs, and the Flexsteel ribcage spring system. Coil springs do last much longer, and were usually found in sofas 20+ years old! Sinuous can be good, but it comes back to the weight of the steel, the tempering of the steel, and now many there are! Copyright © 2003-2020 The Dacron will stop just before your staple line. This is wonderfully comprehensive and I can’t wait to give it a go. 3. — Amanda. This is quite an extensive way to handle upholstery. Q: What is pilling, and what are the effects regarding my fabric? First, thank you so much for this series, it has proven extremely helpful for me! If so your suspension is in need … Your local yellow pages will direct you to foam centers, or you can buy it online. I love reupholstering, though I have never done something that extensive. It’s officially bookmarked in my creative references! Back cushions do not need foam that is as dense, but shredded foam which is cheaper to use, may eventually shift, compact and settle, getting lumpy and uneven looking. Close your eyes and use your hands to find low and high spots on the surface of the seat. That back, center piece in the first picture is INCREDIBLE! A common spring construction method, which produces a comfortable soft upholstered front edge, is a spring edge. Second, is there an online store that you would recommend to buy upholstery supplies? Using the edge roll as a guide, trace the shape of the seat onto the underside of the foam. FREE Shipping. This wrapping should give the cushion a softly rounded look. I feel like I should pay a fee for reading this post ;). If you have zigzag (sinuous) springs, which look the same way they sound, start here. They are sometimes used at critical stress areas when maximum strength is needed. Suspension, Springs And Related Components Showing: 1 - … Does your luxury car ride like an old buckboard wagon? © 2020 Second Chance Garage, LLC. If you’re starting with no springs, refer to steps 2–9 from Part I, but staple the webbing on top of the frame instead of the bottom. This is so AWESOMELY detailed! 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. 17. If we assume that a certain 1″x 1″ beam will sustain a load of 100 pounds, then a beam 1″ thick and 2″ wide will sustain 200 pounds. I’ve been meaning to re upholster my chair for ages and now I know how to do it properly. All manufacturer names, symbols, and descriptions, used in our images and text are used solely for identification purposes only. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1. Whoa! eagerly awaiting the next stage! So I am not able to wrap the fabric around the chair and tack/staple underneath where no one will see… As is, the seat had a leather border before this wooden border that covered up the edge of the leather (and the tacks underneath.). Engineered wood products may look not strong, but can be stronger than hardwood because the layers add to the strength. I’m re-doing a slipper chair and would like to know how to secure the 2″ foam seat where there is an arm and won’t be able to stretch the burlap and staple underneath? Springs are tied to give them an initial tension sufficient to ensure an effect of order and neatness. They are also tied to hold them in the perpendicular position essential to proper spring action and to prevent shifting of the top of one spring in relation to the others. While you’re taking your piece apart, put your coil springs aside for later. $39.00 $ 39. With the spring edge, the tops of the springs are positioned well above the top rail of the frame to form a firm but flexible floating edge. Brand New. I am SO happy you are doing this series!! 20. . I’ve left the back of the seat unmarked until I cut out the notches for the posts. A ìrshal unit,îade up of coil springs, which are sewn in pockets and then attached. The chairs are from 1890’s and have a really ugly original ebonized effect on the wood that needs to come off (as it’s already coming off in the worn parts and looks like crap…) The chairs are WALNUT to begin with, so I need to take them apart to get all the old fake ebonizing off… So I might as well get rid of the ugly dark brown leather, as I will be re-tying all the springs. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find more of it. Got those tools and your camera ready? I have a set of these exact chairs that I bought on Kijiji a few years back and they are way overdue for re-upholstering! However, we carved a little "cone" of seat foam rubber to act as a core in the two coil springs just to add a little stiffness and to prevent squeaks. I’ve redone so much of my furniture and love doing it. Otherwise, you’ll see frayed or cut edges. Rose, the rocking chair fabric is by Schumacher, and it’s called Chiang Mai Dragon. Restoration is all about "flexibility"). Now cut on the lines you’ve drawn, but be careful not to cut too far. Originally there was a piece of burlap stretched across the seat frame in which were threaded thin wires. (We could have sandblasted it bare, but we chose to use up some leftover stripper. Love it! When you are satisfied that the "rough shape" is close enough, spray glue the center foam panel (if the seat's foam panels are separate) to the canvas on the seat frame. Very nice! Coil spring construction produces a firm, uniform seat, however, other methods which combine different kinds of springs, only webbing, flexible fabric, or soft cushioning materials and foams can produce high quality upholstered products. 23. 15. In quality upholstery applications, the deck should be well padded, with no bumps or lumps. Does your luxury car ride like an old buckboard wagon? fo sho. 00. Now that the back side is secured all the way across, move to the front and staple the remainder of that side. After weld repairs, all rust was removed. With a small seat like this, I use a 1/2” diameter edge roll. Using the old rubber pieces as patterns, carve new foam into the rough shape and position it on the seat frame. THANK YOU! Any advice? We turned attention to the seat tracks themselves. It is not pretty but not in bad shape. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Place the end of the edge roll 1/2” from the back leg post with the tail in toward the center of the seat. This is a traditional upholstery trick to make all the springs work in unison as the seat is compressed. Amanda- Love the Upholstery series, one day I’ll be brave enough to tackle a chair. The foam should be rounded, not boxy, when you staple. Galaxy Supply Inc. Upholstery 7" Coil Spring for Seat… Get a friend to help! This month on Upholstery Basics, we’ll add a little cush to the coils we tied in Part I with some cotton, foam and Dacron. Thanks for taking the time to walk us through this! I hope you will soon do a similar tutorial on re-caning a chair seat. I took 2 upholstery classes in Austin, TX with Amanda Brown as instructor. 16. 7. Take your time and pay attention as you disassemble a seat. If the corner of the post is the first thing you touch, draw a line from the middle of the seat to the post on the back side of the burlap you just folded over. And professional, too. I’ve done some upholstery, but never followed all these steps. For cotton batting, should it be loose or the kind that you use for quilting or something else/specific to upholstery? Coil spring construction produces a firm, uniform seat, however, other methods which combine different kinds of springs, only webbing, flexible fabric, or soft cushioning materials and foams can produce … 1 Year No Hassle Warranty - FREE SHIPPING! I’ve got a mission rocker that needs a redo and this post will be my bible. This condition is not warranted by the fabric mills because it is not a defect. Quantity: 1 per Pack. Underneath, the rough-cut bottom cushion. Then place the cotton in and around these areas to make the surface even. I’m soo0 excited by this series! I can’t live without it! You don’t want to make the y wider than the width of the post. This release of excess fiber results in small balls or “pills” forming on the surface of the material. Before upholstering your car's seats you need to start with a good seat frame. All Rights Reserved. To see if a sofa is eight-way hand-tied, pick up the cushion and push on the seat deck; you should be able to feel the separate springs through the fabric. 2. If the cut needs to be deeper (burlap puckers in front of the post), always extend the ends of the y straight back to the edges of the post as shown on the right. The burlap shapes the foam and attaches to the frame, so leave an extra 10” beyond the edge of the foam, so there’s plenty to hold as you staple. Now all I need is to find the perfect fabric for this project. Cut out the “v” with the knife or razor blade without cutting all the way through the edge roll. You will forget how some items were put together. Good foam costs money, so don't be frightened off at the cost. This steel is used in the spring movement of watches and clocks because of its continuous flexibility and strength. The consumer usually never sees the construction features of an upholstered piece, but they are important.