Those outside of Norway have struggled to access some of the biggest hits of slow TV, even though British Airways recently included the Oslo to Bergen railway journey on their long-haul flights. So were television producers in Norway. The very first 'slow TV' programme from 2009. I do hope you enjoy one of Norway's cultural treasures! We hope you enjoy our features and please subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you stay ahead of the cultural calendar. When the hit Norwegian specials known as Slow TV leave Netflix on Aug. 5, the void will definitely be felt by viewers who have come to love the relaxing programming. Words of Norway tells the stories of Norway to the world, and helps Norwegian companies do the same. State broadcaster pioneered the concept in 2009 with the live broadcast of the famous Oslo to Bergen railway journey, filmed from the perspective of the driver at the front of the train. It was not without its problems, though, as reindeer are not as predictable as a narrowboat, ferry, train or indeed firewood. Title: Required fields are marked *. Photo – Tove Lønn-Arnesen. Looking for some great streaming picks? Like their Norwegian counterparts, viewing figures exceeded expectations (and, some might argue, sense) with an average of 800,000 tuning in to All Aboard! It began to infiltrate the public consciousness with a single program following the seven-hour-long Bergen to Oslo train (or Bergensbanen) in 2009. Read on to find out why it's so popular! The famous 500km railway reaches over 1,200 metres above sea level as it crosses the Hardangervidda plateau in central Norway. One thing for sure David i am getting out of this nightmare called North America(i.e.Canada/USA),regardless of the election outcome in November this place as we speak nothing more than a runaway train heading off a cliff. Fed up of reality TV, endless repeats of old movies and depressing news? Read on to find out what is Slow TV and how it started in Norway, now becoming a worldwide trend! Toronto,canada. Your email address will not be published. The Slow TV programs vary in content but are all quite similar in approach. Slow TV offers something else. Ultimate Viking: Game of Thrones Star’s TV Show is Greenlit, Beforeigners: HBO’s Bizzare Must-Watch Norwegian TV Series, Netflix Working on ‘Secret’ Scandinavian Documentary, Coronavirus in Norway: The Latest News on the COVID-19 Outbreak, Moving to Norway: The Ultimate Relocation Guide, IKEA Signs Work Agreement for Immigrants in Norway, Norway’s New National Museum Opening Delayed to 2022, Shopping in Norway: Everything You Need to Know. The journey runs through the heart of Norway and past some of the country’s finest scenery. Yet – except for occasional archive footage when the train entered a tunnel – all it consisted of was footage from a camera mounted to the front of a train. Or, as NRK’s Thomas Hellum sums up in a CBS mini-documentary: “Much of life itself is boring. Photo – Job Henrique. I didn’t know it at the time but I had stumbled upon the embers of NRK’s ‘Nasjonal Vedkveld’ or ‘National Firewood Night’. Many of the programs are available to stream on NRK’s website, albeit without English subtitles – but, really, the words are a secondary concern. Bergensbanen scenery. At the end of April this year they broadcast the migration of a herd of a thousand reindeer, from Šuoššjávri to Kvaløya in Northern Norway. Perhaps its popularity should be less surprising when you consider that the English have been absorbed by broadcasts Test Match cricket for decades. Take good care Dave and again congratulation for the website The full list of available slow TV shows: The last one on Svalbard is the most recent, having been broadcast on NRK in February 2020. It was and still is the most perfect thing I have ever fallen asleep to and it was my introduction to the concept of Slow TV, a movement built on a subversion of the notion of modern entertainment. Read on to learn all about one of the most curious things about watching TV in Norway. Captain Geir Johannesen. I would suggest doing a series on a full fermentation and distillation of alcohol for Slow TV. This FAQ is empty. Hurtigruten – minutt for minutt, Trollfjorden. NRK’s Slow TV has since moved onto bolder and riskier things than public transport, though “movement” still plays a part. I think it would make a great production for you. Something beyond instant gratification and the all-too-often bemoaned low-attention span inducing habits of the 21st century. Slow TV is a wildly successful phenomenon in its home country of Norway and it’s something we can totally see exploding in popularity here in the states. That scene of burning firewood lasted for six entire hours. It began to infiltrate the public consciousness with a single program following the seven-hour-long Bergen to Oslo train (or Bergensbanen) in 2009. Your email address will not be published. For editorial requests please contact: I turned on the TV at the end of the bed, trying to find something to fall asleep to. Yet millions of people tune in to watch. Normally the news or a documentary is the best choice – or anything without unexpected eruptions of sound or something so interesting that you end up listening intently. Well, yes. Late one winter night in Oslo, after watching several bands, visiting several bars and taking in all the city has to offer, I stumbled back to my hotel room. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Typically, a live stream is available on TV and online with a highlights show broadcast each evening. In summer 2015, the BBC launched their own version of Slow TV with a narrowboat journey along the Kennet and Avon Canal, shown on BBC4.