Number of Interview Requests per Candidate on Hired in 2019, Data insights to drive your technical hiring, Dispelling myths about software engineers, added 104,000 information-technology workers. This gives an annual pay of C$49,118 and C$90,434 dollars. For example, C++ valued in Canada but not valued as highly in South Africa. As part of that mission, we strive to empower hiring companies and job seekers through data. The outlier is computer network architects, whose 2016 pay and 2026 growth projection figures are … Our State of Software Engineer Report is a collection of insights designed to bring to life the trends driving digital transformation, and Hired is in a unique position to share these insights because of our unprecedented visibility into the hiring process. With over 10,000 companies, 420,000 interview requests, and 98,000 job seekers, our scale gives us a unique window into everything from in-demand candidate skills, to company needs, all the way through to salary negotiations between real candidates and companies. It’s critical for hiring managers to focus on assessing a candidate’s skills rather than over indexing on education. This number is projected to reach 1,649,600 by 2028. It’s collected from interview requests from real companies on our platform that provide salary information upfront, not from job postings, which are subject to constant change during negotiation. For the job growth, this is a career that is a good choice to invest in for your education. In every major market, machine learning engineers rank within the top 10 highest paid roles, with San Francisco leading the pay pack at $162,000/yr (also a 6% increase over last year’s average machine learning salary in SF). Software engineers around the world receive a good pay. Survey shows one in five software engineers taught themselves to code. In the United States, job growth is expected to be 17% with the growth focused heavily in app and security development. In last year’s State of Software Engineers report, the candidate skill sets that made them the most in-demand on the marketplace were candidates with Google's Go. Software engineers in all of the countries mentioned above receive increases in pay as they gain more experience. We see the growth in AR/VR demand as a direct reflection of the technology itself coming of age for a broader swathe of business outside of gaming. This relatively young field was ranked the “Top Technology Job in America” by US News & World Report in 2011, and both private industries and academic institutions are channeling a large amount of money into research. Unix and Java are the most valuable skills in Australia that can provide a higher salary. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The annual salary for software engineers in India is between Rs 208,918 and Rs 786,211. The minimum total pay ranges from $58,844 to $122,651 dollars annually. Our survey also reveals that developer interests and employer demand don’t always align. Demand for Go skills is high, with Go-skilled engineers earning an average of 9+ interviews over 2-6 weeks. All of the country currencies have been converted to United States dollars in the parenthesis under the salary. And a whopping 85% of respondents said they are glad they pursued a career in software engineering. Software engineering is a very sound choice regardless of country. One caveat is that this is a male-dominated profession. Whether the company is Bank of America, Alaska Airlines, Sainsbury’s, or Tesla, investment in top software engineering talent isn’t a future ambition, it’s a matter of survival. A software engineer salary in South Africa shows a total pay of R148,675 to R561,855. of software engineers’ primary motivation for contributing to open source software is that it’s fun, of survey respondents cited ‘new challenges and continuous learning’ as one of the top three things that attracted them to a career in software engineering, of survey respondents cited the ‘opportunity to express myself creatively’ as one of the top three things that attracted them to a career in software engineering, said global warming is the global problem they are most passionate about solving, said lack of economic opportunity and unemployment is the global problem they are most passionate about solving, said lack of access to education is the global problem they are most passionate about solving. The overtime rate is NZ$45.00. A software engineer career is seen in the majority of economies since computing and technology are prevalent worldwide. IT Jobs in 2020: A Leader's Guide ... ($92,600) -- also have the best growth outlook. Hired combines intelligent job matching with unbiased career counseling to help people find a job they love. No degree, no problem: More than half (54%) of engineers say if they were a hiring manager they would have no preference between a candidate with or without a computer science degree. Security engineers remain in high demand for 2019 with 49% growth. This could suggest that supply for these skills has not yet caught up with demand and we may see this data shift as more engineers learn Go over time.