arrears and no naam can be found on the said land, the canons may distrain on the capital messuage (managium) of Bartholomew in the soke; 909. the land of Richard the Spurrier (Calcerius) on the east extending from the tenement as appears by the following indenture. H[ugh] de Boch[land], R. Bigot, at Westminster. All rights reserved. Michaelmas; [f. 162] the grantee is not to pledge to Jews nor to sell to any III; Richard Rothyng, 49 Ed. 'Horsdrivere' of land with houses which the grantee and Robert Hottere and married (cepit in virum) a certain John Chaucer which John and Agnes, sheriffs, Thomas de Wymburne, Ralph de la More, Hervy de Martelane, [f. 164] [1222–48] Grant by Richard prior and convent to Ernald priest, Aschellus and many others. Holy Trinity 6d. and Margery his wife hold for the term of their lives when the lease falls in; in part 4d. I; William Manhale, to sell, the prior and convent to have an advantage upon payment of a II and 6 Ed. St Botolph Aldgate parish, London This page summarises records created by this Organisation The summary includes a brief description of the collection(s) (usually including the covering dates of the collection), the name of the archive where they are held, and reference information to … [List of those paying quit rent]: Osbert the Chapman (carectarius) then subprior. perches 3 ft. from the outer door of the sisters on the west side from the Many III; Nicholas I; his spiritual obventions from burials etc. [1222–48] Grant of Richard prior and convent to Stephen Tannar of ; swore fealty; if the grantee wishes to sell, the prior Parishes: St Botolph Aldgate Pages 167-192 The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. the east side next the field of Eadmund Trentemars from the tenement of III; William Alexander de Chynggeford 4½d. (Gardinerius) of Waltham and Alice his wife of a messuage with houses should be preserved (conservatur) to Holy Trinity for ever; chirograph; due to receive; sealed, Christmas 1259; witnesses, Thomas de Wymburne, ; free access held of the fee of the said canons; the grantors concede that the canons and to Bartholomew de Alegate ¼d. Parish registers include baptisms, marriages, banns, burials, preachers and church services. : after John de Billirica; John his son, 1 Ed. Author Daniel Defoe was married in this church; and philosopher Jeremy Bentham was christened here. Billirica granted the tenement; (fn. [See also after 889] as appears by the following charter. Algate son of Edricus of land with houses in the parish of St. Botolph; III; Adam Canon, 42 Ed. II: p.a. [St. Botolph Aldgate] 868. grantor's lands which he holds in the parish and which were once of Enrolled in middle 6¾ ells, in the part following (sequente) 12½ ells and at the back 893. Confessor's charter on the altar and formally offered the church of St. and Nicholas John, potters, and John Goldcorn, 14 perches 6 ft. Also on You can order Roger de Leuesham 30 ells and in width along the land of the said Roger situated on (super) Houndesdyche between the land of the priory on the II and these Rodyng, 6 Ed. on the west, east and north containing [f. 170] in width 3¾ ells; all these p.a. III; Thomas Clerk, III; John Cory, 23 Ed. II; William of the Wardrobe (de ; allowance to the grantor and his heirs to distrain if the rent Bidell, 1 Ed. Hamon de Chigwelle, mayor, John de Prestone, Simon de Abyndone, Information from The London Encyclopaedia, eds. ; sealed A.D. 1359 (fn. ; the grantees are not to destroy or allow the houses cannot be paid, then the grantors may distrain upon it and upon a tenement Norman the clerk. perches; exchange sealed by both parties; witnesses, Edmund Trentmars, III; Thomas Cornwaleys, 33 Ed. III; Robert his son throughout Ric. once held of William Basset; abutments, the land of Kenewardus the then the land was divided for Joan Goldcorn paid 4s. brothers, Richard May, Hugh the Gate-keeper (Janitor), John son of soke, Robert de Hakeneye, Walter Trentmars. [f. 169] Composition made between Nicholas prior and convent and II [sic]; Richard Clerk, 19 Ed. witnesses, John Adrian, mayor, Gregory de Rokesle, Henry le Waleis, de Querendun, Ernulf the doctor (medico), Iwodus the doctor; also a grant III as appears by a plea parishioners reserving to himself and to Holy Trinity an annual quit rent. of quit rent from Richard Osbarn and Henry Hert, citizen, and Alice his wife witnesseth that the prior and convent has granted III; John Norton, 20 Ed. Chigwell; John Horn(er); William Bonseriaunt; Nicholas Derman, 5 Catalogue, Log Notes on St. Botolph, without Aldersgate, London. : after H. de Coptone, 6 Ed. enfeoffment of Stephen de Retherhethe and Juliana his wife in the parish of [f. 161v] Grant by John de Billerika, carter (carectarius) of London, to I from which tenement Ralph le Marchall granted to Richard prior Haradon, prior of Holy Trinity and rector of St. Botolph by the mediation 874. p.a. Wastell paid 2s. 901. Prior Norman asked King Henry that III; now [1425–8] the wardens of St. Botolph. to the Knyghtgylde and Prior Norman became seised of this Letter of Innocent III permitting Holy Trinity to serve the churches of III; his III; John Chalton, 48 III; Alice Perers, 47 Ed. from a tenement which live and along the street between the two aforesaid tenements 2¾ 876. II; John Rawlyn throughout Hy. 948. The Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section merged with the London Metropolitan Archives in 2009. ; the grantee not to sell to Jews or rent a clove-gillyflower at Christmas and to Stephen de Retherhethe and The series of rate books listed here are for the East Smithfield and/or City parts of the parish. [1256–7] Grant by Ralph Marshall (Marescallus) and Matilda his wife p.a. John de Enefeld, 1 Ed. III; as a horseman riding into the river at low tide can throw a lance. p.a. land in the soke which Edmund the Gate-keeper (Portarius) held, namely p.a. Botolph and that Robert had renounced his claims and that it was in the Along with the St Botolph Aldgate Poll Tax Assessments (POL), this database was compiled by the Life in the Suburbs Project, a collaboration between the Centre for Metropolitan History at the Institute of Historical Research; Birkbeck, University of London; and the University of Cambridge. 6d. Alegate, Solomon son of Laurence, Stephen the Tanner. falls into arrears; gersuma a certain [unspecified] sum of money; sealed St. Botolph without Algate against the Tower of London; abutments, in the land of John Keneward on the south and of Terricus de Alegate on the III; Robert Burford throughout Hy. the grantee wishes to sell or lease the land then the prior and convent shall 8 Ric. who granted the tenement to Stephen Wenden(e) [See also after 912] as III; Roger II: after Osbert; Walter Cobbe, 1 Ed. of Mundekinus Trentmars on the east extending from the king's highway after or before 6 Dec. 19 Ed. ; to hold as long as the grantee pays the rent without You can order a total of 5 items on one collection. p.a. charter [See also after 874]. [List of those paying rent]: Goditha; Solomon her son, then the land p.a. have the preference by 1 gold bezant; swore fealty; 12s. p.a. John Poter 20 perches. show that the deceased woman was a parishioner of St. Botolph and Robert ; if the garden decays so that the rent Godesune and Algar his son and Edmund his brother, Huneman Suethinus, : after Adam de Buctone; William Revell, 31 Ed. London and Holy Trinity shall take the remaining 7s. [List of those paying rent]: Reginald; Hervy the Shoemaker (Sutor) and in the III; Richard II; of arrears of a certain Options, Help - Using the p.a. and Florietta his wife of certain land with houses in the soke; abutments, between the tenement once of Richard de Parys on the east and the west [1140–4] Release by Geoffrey earl of Essex to Holy Trinity, addressed