0 0000012949 00000 n Monitoring with traps in food warehouses can be more than just trapping Indianmeal moths in sticky traps. Insect infestation of a pack of biscuits by penetration through the packaging material, producing copious rancid-smelling powder and scrap. Russell IPM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of biorational pest control technologies. Not all insects that infest dry foodstuff have aggregation pheromones. Pheromones are often complex mixtures of related compounds and their stereoisomers can evoke very different responses, so accurate identification, synthesis, and blending of the components is essential. This is the why. Tagged Biscuit beetle, biscuits, custard creams, Drugstore beetle, Stegobium paniceum. The females produce sex pheromones, which (unlike aggregation pheromones) attract only the male beetles and can be detected from more than 8 m (25 ft) away. We maintained a breeding population for several years in a small, 50 gram sample of unsalted peanuts and the adults were observed from April to September with occasional specimens during the winter. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Biology The female biscuit beetle lays her oval eggs in and about food materials, and they hatch in a few days. Tagged Biscuit beetle, House pests house guests, Stegobium paniceum. Insect pests with a known ability to penetrate paper and polythene packaging include the beetles Rhyzopertha dominica (F.), Lasioderma serricorne and Stegobium paniceum (L.) and larvae of the moths Plodia interpunctella (Hubner) and Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton). Pheromones are particularly important for insect reproduction, both in long-range attraction of the opposite sex and in short-range mate location. Table 1 lists the insect pests usually associated with packaged food infestation. Drugstore beetles (Stegobium paniceum, also known as biscuit beetles or herbarium beetles) and cigarette, or tobacco, beetles (Lasioderma serricorne) feed on dried fungus, paper, and adhesives. Newly hatched moth larvae can enter gaps of less than 0.2 mm while immature mites need a gap of only 0.05 mm (Athanassiou et al., 2011; Bell, 2011). We unfitted it ourselves. This was cutting-edge kitchen chic at the time, or so we thought. To meet the requirements of the quality program, the EFCs were checked four times every year. I recently got to thinking about where these cosmopolitan beetle pests might have lived, before they became so attached to our store cupboards and bread bins. Shalom Applebaum, The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Predators include Tenebriodes sp. 0000007105 00000 n Don't mention cats though. Other than making the food unsaleable due to consumer rejection, insect infestation of packaged foods causes a reduction in nutritional quality and the production of off-flavors. See the picture below of a ship's biscuit with the emergence holes: Drugstore beetle larvae, like those of the wood boring beetle, live inside their food and only emerge as adults. It can also affect animal skins, books and their bindings and even plant collections. Optimum conditions are around 30°C and 60-90% relative humidity with a suitable food source. The legs are slender and relatively long. The drugstore beetle, is a pest of stored products. I’m guessing that this is because it feeds on the milk or starch powder that makes up most of the aspirin tablet, rather than an addiction to pharmaceutical products. Dylan Thomas wondered deeply about the worth of wasps. The astounding close-up images are by John Hallmén. Drugstore Beetle Damage. 0000010067 00000 n The have a cylindrical body that appears to be humped and are covered in dense short yellowish hairs. Use flat sticky traps with lures and floor traps like Pantry Patrol and the Dome trap for smaller areas like grocery stores and residential kitchens. The infestation of packed foods can occur due to unsuitable manufacturing processes that fail to adequately destroy eggs, or by penetration of pests through the packaging material. 0000044018 00000 n trailer They are attracted to light and commonly enter houses on warm summer evenings. The penetrator insects possess strongly developed mandibles which enable them to bore holes through packaging materials, and include Sitophilus spp., Rhyzopertha dominica, Plodia interpunctella, Lasioderma serricorne and Stegobium paniceum. Relative humidity should be kept low. Entomological and Acarololical Research 43: 177-183. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Using pheromone traps in a trap line outdoors about 15 m (50 ft) away can monitor the outdoor population and indicate whether indoor catches are from beetles entering the facility from outside. Map your traps so that you can account for them. It is much cheaper and less disruptive; indeed, if machinery not integral to the main production processes can be shut down and isolated, work can be carried out during normal working hours. Drugstore Beetles Facts, Identification & Control Latin Name. 0000010749 00000 n I poked out some of the grass, leaf litter and bird droppings accumulated  during the many years they had been the perfect shelter for feral pigeon nests. I’m grinding my way through the first draft of House Guests, House Pests. Use of materials acting as a barrier to the escape of food volatiles or odours is helping to minimise pest attraction. It is these seeds, which would seem the obvious ‘natural’ food for Stegobium. Shrink wrapping enhances the ability for such an atmosphere to develop. <<7CF186F609047744908A2F384796D19D>]/Prev 716780/XRefStm 1659>> A vital issue after detecting the presence of insects in a facility is the accurate location of the infestation origin and to this end, spatial analysis of trapping data has proved useful, enabling precision targeting of infestation sources at an early stage. Insect species capable of surviving in stored commodities generally have some biological strategies in common. Spot heat treatment of specific machinery has many advantages over space treatments of whole buildings (see Figure 4.1 and Figure 4.2). They are good fliers, can be found outdoors as well as indoors in the southern states, and are attracted to light. Ovipositing females in the pyralids are guided to breeding sites by mandibular gland secretions produced by conspecific larvae. Choose a design that has holes flush with the floor. Pronotum smoothly convex and finely bordered laterally, broadest in front of rounded hind angles and, from above, narrowed to an evenly rounded anterior margin. Sex pheromone activity may be exclusive to a single species but commonly may be shared between several related species.