A Marine Corps air-ground team consisting of one division and one aircraft wing, together with their normal reinforcements. A formatted non-system-specific statement containing operational capability needs and written in broad operational terms. A bomber designed for a tactical operating radius of under 1,000 nautical miles at design gross weight and design bomb load. The velocity of a projectile with respect to the muzzle at the instant the projectile leaves the weapon. See also airfield; departure airfield; diversion airfield; redeployment airfield. Also called MOB. Also called mercomms system. (*) A worldwide system of communications to and from merchant ships using the peacetime commercial organization as a basis but under operational control authority, with the ability to employ the broadcast mode to ships when the situation makes radio silence necessary. 2. See also National Defense Reserve Fleet. See also stage; staging area. A nonoperating condition, deliberately imposed, with adequate personnel to maintain and preserve installations, materiel, and facilities in such a condition that they may be readily restored to operable condition in a minimum time by the assignment of additional personnel and without extensive repair or overhaul. See also moving havens. Two or more unit training assemblies executed during one or more consecutive days. General guidance is contained in JOPES, Volumes I and II. A notification from a shipping or storage activity advising the originator of a materiel release order of the positive action taken on the order. See also minehunting. (*) 1. It may include differing perspectives on operational employment. The operation by suitably qualified personnel designed to render safe, neutralize, recover, remove, or destroy mines. (*) An individual map or chart either complete in itself or part of a series. An in-depth examination of all aspects of transportation planning in support of operation plan and operation order development. Material condition of an aircraft indicating it can perform at least one and potentially all of its designated missions. Also called MASINT. In naval warfare, the average number of mines per nautical mile. An order issued by an accountable supply system manager (usually an inventory control point or accountable depot or stock point) directing a non-accountable activity (usually a storage site or materiel drop point) within the same supply distribution complex to release and ship materiel. Bet you didn’t see those! Also called MCOO. The Positive Adjective lists to Describe a Person, Event and Place are composed of words which describe the good attributes of these types of nouns, while the Negative Adjectives categories include descriptive words which express characteristics that are considered bad or unfavorable. An area generally similar to a defensive sea area in purpose except that it may be established any place on the high seas. (*) A convoy consisting primarily of merchant ships controlled by the naval control of shipping organization. See also multinational force. See also integrated staff; joint staff; parallel staff. 80 Magnificent Positive Words That Start with M – Root Report 1. Also called MAGTF. The IDB is the national-level repository for the general military intelligence information available to the entire Department of Defense Intelligence Information System community and maintained by DIA and the commands. The Secretary of Defense may direct a team to train either military or civilian indigenous personnel, depending upon host-nation requests. In this context, “best suited” could mean the Service or agency that has required or readily available resources and/or expertise. Some people might accuse you of cheating if you don’t rely solely on your own vocabulary, but all players have the opportunity to use a word unscrambler, so it isn’t technically cheating. In naval warfare, an area of water containing mines laid with or without a pattern. –          The runner’s legs were strong and muscular. No more than two inactive duty training periods may be performed in one day. An order issued by a commander covering the details for a move of the command. See also doctrine; joint doctrine; multi-Service doctrine. (JP 4-08), A collective term to describe military actions conducted by forces of two or more nations, usually undertaken within the structure of a coalition or alliance. Words that start with X can rack up some high scoring words … Also called METOC. A staff composed of personnel of two or more nations within the structure of a coalition or alliance. See also transportation component command. (*) 1. (*) A unit equipped with complete motor transportation that enables all of its personnel, weapons, and equipment to be moved at the same time without assistance from other sources. In nautical and aeronautical navigation, the term magnetic variation is used instead of magnetic declination and the angle is termed variation of the compass or magnetic variation. (*) In artillery and naval gunfire support, the height of the highest point in the trajectory of a projectile above the horizontal plane passing through its origin. This includes but is not limited to: combating terrorism, counterdrug operations, national security special events, and national critical infrastructure and key asset protection. The lowest altitude at certain radio fixes at which an aircraft must cross when proceeding in the direction of a higher minimum en route instrument flight rules altitude. (JP 2-01.2). (*) The sum of system reaction time and personnel reaction time. A condition of materiel readiness that reports the level of operational readiness for a piece of equipment. Scrabble®, Words With Friends®, Text Twist®, Word Cookies®, and other popular word games give you a number of letter tiles that you must rearrange to form words. See also materials handling. (JP 3-15). The IDB is kept synchronized by system transactions to disseminate updates. Also called MRS. See also measurement and signature intelligence. (JP 1-06), A container that meets specific written standards. Currently showing all terms for your selected. See also defensive sea area. (JP 4-02), The ongoing, systematic collection of health data essential to the evaluation, planning, and implementation of public health practice, closely integrated with timely dissemination of data as required by higher authority. See also magnetic variation. (*) The means of manpower control to ensure the most efficient and economical use of available manpower. (*) A restriction temporarily placed on traffic into and/or out of areas to permit clearance of or prevention of congestion. See also Navy cargo handling battalion. Many types of files can be sent this way (e.g. (JP 2-01). See also surveillance. See also logistic support; multinational; multinational logistics. –          He had always been so meticulous about his appearance. Also called MIW. mindless: boring; so simple or repetitive as to be performed automatically without thought or skill. See also intelligence; scientific and technical intelligence. Related: Words that end in m, Words containing m. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. By using our word unscrambler cheat tool, you are guaranteed to get every possible letter combination, earn points, and be at the top of your game every single time. (JP 3-26). (*) The sum of the radius of safety and the buffer distance. A range of military force responses that can be projected to accomplish assigned tasks. (JP 3-26). It is free and easy to use, and there is no download needed. Also called MILDEC. The types of forces in the Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF) are functionally grouped into four core elements: a command element, an aviation combat element, a ground combat element, and a combat service support element.