And This is probably more true with permanent markers, which contain solvents. Dogs can survive with lower levels of vitamin A and protein, while cats cannot. Although milk is not toxic to cats, it may have adverse effects. While many markers are non-toxic to humans, cats can be mores sensitive to the chemicals involved. Vegetable members of the allium family, including onions, garlic, scallions, leeks and chives, are highly toxic to all cats. Though dog food is not toxic to cats, your cat needs a very different set of nutrients than a dog. Thanks for the A2A. Unfortunately, dumb canes are highly toxic to cats when ingested, and their sap can even be a mild irritant to humans and should be kept away from bare skin. Yes, humans have about 5 million scent receptors compared to 200 million scent receptors in cats. Common names: Amaryllis, fire lily, lily of the palace, ridderstjerne Toxic to: Cats, dogs Symptoms: Vomiting, salvation, diarrhea (large quantities can cause convulsions, low blood pressure, tremors and cardiac arrhythmias) Note: The bulbs are the most poisonous part of this plant. Adult cats that are fed a nutritious diet don't need milk. Baby's Breath. You never know what they will turn their noses up at. Common names: Maiden's breath Toxic to: Cats, dogs Symptoms: Vomiting, diarrhea Barbados Lily. There are a number of foods that are not toxic to cats, but they should be avoided. Cat food should contain plenty of vitamin A, taurine, arachidonic acid and protein, and dog food has much lower levels of these nutrients. Toxicity Ranking: moderate to severe. Cats are quite adept at getting into things that they shouldn’t.… Batteries can be toxic to both dogs and cats, leading to ulcers in the mouth, esophagus and stomach. Flower Toxicity in Cats Plants produce toxins as a survival mechanism, says Dr. Karyn Bischoff , a board-certified veterinary toxicologist at the New York State Animal Health Diagnostic Center in Ithaca, New York. Meat trimmings, raw eggs, and caffeinated beverages should not be consumed by pet cats. No, roses themselves are not poisonous to cats. Do cats like the smell of roses? Cats may experience a little diarrhea or upset stomach if they eat too much, but the petals and stems of thorn-less roses are safe for your kitty. Knowing which flowers are poisonous to cats and taking steps to prevent access to them can go a long way to keeping your cat safe. Toxicity Ranking: moderate to severe. Cats are even more sensitive: Ingestion of a single 325 mg tablet by a 10-pound cat can cause anemia and even be fatal. Symptoms of dumb cane poisoning in cats include vomiting, burning of the mouth, oral irritation, swelling, and in … Unfortunately, they aren’t quite picky enough and there are several things in your home that are poisonous to your cat. Cats are picky eaters for the most part.