Baskin Engineering COVID-19 Information and Resources, UC Santa Cruz researchers develop scalable method for virus detection, Braingeneer group publication explores neurological control of flexible robots, Applied Optics Lab creates novel on-chip laser source useful for biodetection, ECE Seminar Series: Emerging Designs for Polymer-Based Optoelectronics and Energy Storage, ECE Seminar Series: Risks in Power Systems. Since they couldn’t outsource fabrication, they focused on the designs, preparing the project for the next senior capstone team to take on. We are in the process of establishing new interdisciplinary research and education graduate programs focusing on new materials for a sustainable future. They wanted her to tell them what the robot was ‘seeing’ through its sensors. Engineering 2 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, California 95064. “Typically they would ask me something like “get us some data of what a chair looks like in front of the LiDAR sensor,” Hovanessian said. Things were looking up. For an official, printable list of UC Santa Cruz majors, please see the Fields of Study page in the General Catalog. The Office of Admissions has a one-page overview of the Bioengineering B.S and related programs, and a publications page that includes PDF pamphlets about the Baskin School of Engineering (PDF), Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering (PDF), and Health Sciences at UCSC (PDF). Home / 2020 / June / A new challenge for engineering students’ capstone projects—COVID-19, Engineering students always face obstacles in completing their senior capstone projects, but the pandemic created unique challenges for this year’s teams. It is a unique interdisciplinary collaboration sponsored by four departments—biomolecular engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, and molecular, cell & developmental biology—that includes faculty from these and other programs. She said she was surprised to be summoned to a Zoom meeting with Mantey and Dean Alexander Wolf, who approved the plan. ©2020 Regents of the University of California. Core BMEB faculty are from the Department of Biomolecular Engineering while affiliated faculty are from many other departments. In the meantime, g o to any of the tabs above to learn more. Jennifer: Available via email: or via Zoom by appointment. Jennifer: Available via email: or via Zoom, google hangouts, or phone by appointment. At some future date we may split the concentrations into separate majors, some of which could be accredited by ABET. From this page, you can find the current catalog statement and the list of faculty, as well as research pages for the CBSE, Biomedical Research, BME, CE, EE, and MCDB. Students particularly interested in bioinformatics may wish to pursue a minor in that discipline, while others may have interests related to Molecular Biology, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering. How UC Santa Cruz revolutionized the cultivation of one of California’s most valuable crops—strawberries. Facts & Figures Achievements The team also added a smaller solar panel and a battery, which would allow the machine to work during cloudy days. They simulated as much as possible, but simulation can only do so much. They weren’t able to test the weatherproofing and theft-resistance, nor were they able to properly debug circuit boards. Despite the difficulties, the team was able to create a functional prototype. The Bioengineering program is not accredited by ABET, because our concentrations do not align well with the more traditional view of bioengineering held by ABET. in bioengineering program prepares graduates for a rewarding career at the interfaces between engineering, medicine, and biology. MEP Staff will be working remotely. The main UC Santa Cruz campus is located just thirty miles from one of the largest global centers of technology and innovation in the Silicon Valley and has spent decades cultivating relationships with industry leaders in the area through its Silicon Valley Initiatives. Check or email Jennifer for appointment times and for virtual drop-in hours. “Accidentally reversing polarity could cause a sensor’s functionality to stop, or even cause an explosion,” she said. The students hope their research into posture correction could be the start of a business or a partnership with an existing company. “There are about 2,200 homeless in the county, and we wanted to alleviate some of the stress they feel,” said team member Jordan Tam. All three groups said they thought rising to the challenge of working together during the COVID-19 pandemic was an experience that would eventually help them become better engineers. Upcoming Events. The concentrations are quite distinct from each other—almost separate majors, but they share a common core of several courses. The MEP Study Center spaces are currently closed. The Jack Baskin School of Engineering at University of California--Santa Cruz (Baskin) has an application deadline of Jan. 10. And then the coronavirus outbreak scrambled their plans. Last modified: June 22, 2020, UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, Ca 95064. Copyright © 2020 The Regents of the University of California. “Testing was the most challenging aspect for us,” Fallahi said. The original design included a solar-powered station with six locking compartments so individuals could safely leave their phones to charge while they worked. “You can’t just start drawing stuff on the whiteboard. Hovanessian said she was excited to be able to help the team succeed despite the pandemic. Welcome to the UC Santa Cruz Materials Science and Engineering Site. Most of her teammates are graduating this quarter, which means there’s a good chance she might never meet them in person. UC Complaint Process Home / Enrollment / Undergraduate Majors The following is an alphabetical list of current undergraduate major programs as listed in the General Catalog and the codes used to identify your major. “Even in these areas outlets were few and far between.”. In keeping with UCSC's protocol, and following the measures taken by our county and district partners, MESA is taking steps to help protect our students, staff, and communities.