I have a lot of new songs looking out for a record deal. If you aren’t anywhere near our sound you’re probably wasting your time and ours if you submit a demo. If you want to be signed by a major label, go with their illusions and wine and dine them, so they can feel like they’re the tastemakers atop their thrones… and sure as hell better hope you’re not one of those musically/culturally brilliant yet socially inept iconic recluses of yesteryear. I’m 27 now. It shows that artists are still […]. Getting press helps get more press, but usually relationships count for a lot more, which is why hiring a publicist is a very good idea for that. Your opinions aren’t even useful because you’re obviously on here writing in hopes to be noticed, yourself. At that point the music has to now do all the work. Or go indie! And r Kelly Zach brown band and a few other people. I wish it was the other way round Click a link below to submit your music: Twisted Recordings. It’s like bait and switch. If you aren’t anywhere near our sound you’re probably wasting your time and ours if you submit a demo. This site is about providing free music advice to help people advance in their career. When I first started out writing my own music and teaching myself how to record and mix my own music, I started sending my demos to countless record labels all around the states. But as someone who as in the music industry, it’s my responsibility to tell the truth. But you seem to be suggesting that deep down those with the power to grant record labels and an access to the industry are really just super busy talent seekers and that it is right and just that musicians accommodate them. Hi Simon. You can also post us your demo (our address is given on the map). I loved hearing this tonight..,I will take it to heart. Photographs and bio are also recommended because we may not know who you are so sell yourself a bit. Labels want to make money. 5. I’m a little late here Simon, but your comment said “to help aspiring musicians.” I get that it’s what you’re trying to do, but this article comes off more as a “give up” sentiment. ( Log Out /  Global State Recordings. it worked for me. those same people completely missing the area of the brain that comprehends BUSINESS!!! BUSINESS! This week, top searches leading people to this site mostly had to do with labels that accept unsolicited demos, record companies that take demo submissions, and so on. Secondly If you actually are on here posting “I sound just like so and so” You are not worth anyones time. You’ll need a publicist for this and, often times, a lot of touring. First,asking permission to send them a link to your songs? Aside from telling people that they’re not going to make it, I really didn’t catch much “help.” In it. Another big question. ya.. it’s all who you know..at this Late time in the game I need that “Ya my wife went to college with so n so’s wife she talks to her at least once a month I can ask her to send it, she’ll do it she’s really cool!”…ya that’s my only hope! You can forget about becoming a famous singer if this your mentality. The only time I have ever received a reaction from a record label was of Joan Jett’s record label called “Blackheart Records” basically telling me that they received my submission and if they were interested, they would get back to me. Forget it, unless you sound like Violent Femmes. Whether you want to open a restaurant, create a software company, or flip real estate, it requires capital investments and a good strategy. Just trying to help you out. What actually matters more than the demo itself or who sends it is if the submission answers the question: Will this artist make the label money? We like rock'n'roll, garage, (proper) r&b, punk, powerpop, etc. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Record Labels Accepting Demos. if u want to hear it then google it, if not don’t worry,,, I’m glad I ran into this page. Finally, we won't release your record unless you have a human drummer, preferably a highly skilled one. Rap artist looking for some one who will help me get heard, put me n da studio n watch I do numbers, invest a lil time n me promise I’m worth it, 2282972375, Hey everyone im a las vegas local rap artist tryning ro get views plays likes and comments on my music please if you have anything to say about the music good or bad please comment it im tryning to get serious answers about my music you can listen at THA REAL TAE HUSTLE thanks for you guys time, Herokill3rs Records is accepting unsolicited demos! Labels don’t want to take a risk, no matter their size. Honestly, if you have any original material, just go to a local recording studio, there are lots around. As I mention in that piece: These are the tried and true steps to take in order to get anyone in the music industry’s attention, 1. The ironic twist is that you are most appealing to record labels when you don’t need them. Errr… it’s not really like finding a mate. Here’s the link: https://laststopbooking.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/unsolicited-music-demos-how-to-get-in-the-door-of-a-record-label/, The only record labels that take unsolicited material are not in the USA I checked. And I think at one point they either also included a used Condom or they put something like Mayo all in it. That said, bands like Dustaphonics, Los Chicos and King Salami and the Cumberland 3 don’t neatly fit into any category…but they’re all rock’n’roll so we love them. All materials copyright protected, http://soundcloud.com/gloryboy_solo/solo-x-closer-to-my-dreams, https://laststopbooking.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/unsolicited-music-demos-how-to-get-in-the-door-of-a-record-label/, https://soundcloud.com/numbskul/kickin-it-preview-instrumental-garage-rock, http://droptrack.com/record-labels-accepting-demos/, http://www.wcsh6.com/story/news/local/207/2015/09/16/music-oliver-waterman/32523603/, https://laststopbooking.com/2012/09/23/pitching-your-band/, Record Labels Accepting Demos | Last Stop Booking, How to Get a Record Label Deal | Last Stop Booking, How to: Band Agreement/Interband Agreement template, How to Book Your Band's Tour, Step-by-Step, Bands Shouldn't Practice. Business in general and of course MONEY! This little he-cup is why I still do these searches and try to learn as much as I can. Most of you are completely ignorant to the business. Fairley'Odd Music. But understandably they look for the next big thing but still! I’ve worked with Sony BMG, Capital Records, Sub Pop, etc. No, no, and a thousand times no. you have to work hard at it and accomplish something other than bragging about yourself and bugging people to put you through to the music business. Hello Andy I read your comment and you seem like a pretty rational fellow. Record companies may like to fancy themselves as some soul-mate worthy of wining and dining, and artists tend to be willing to bend over and take it, but let’s not put record labels on that high a pedestal. Tha… Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. For the seller of juice tends of Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you ever got a deal you would need very gopd communicational skills. 6. Bj. 27INAROW Records. If I were a music producer, I’d read everything I received! You can’t go out of your way to send your demos to record labels in hopes of them reaching back to you, because they indefinitely won’t and in the process, you’re just making yourself look desperate and look like a fool. As I mentioned in a previous article, Unsolicited Music Demos: How to Get in the Door of a Record Label , the reality is that no one is soliciting to these demos. If they did, we wouldn’t have need for publicists, social media, marketing, labels or anything else. I just want to tell you there an exception to that rule if you run across a prodigious talent even if No one has heard them before because good music is still a major dynamic but mind you the artist must have game changing talent like great songwriting abilities for different genres and equal producing skills and just that God giving aptitude for the craft and if someone heard him and understood the capabilities and value they will most definitely see dollar signs.