� rated up to 120W (mobile phone, inspection lamp, etc.). as a test of injection system operation. JINSUN Do not damage the cover, reflector 300DPI 100LPI N O T E the At the end of each interval, be sure to Use the chart to select a viscosity rating TE � The front and rear brake system be Change the engine oil and filter, after first Apply the brake lightly and with great � perform recommended maintenance ” : means the invisable parts. PY maintenance more often than shown H 300DPI 100LPI inhaled, remove to fresh air. TE O brakes. 300DPI 100LPI owner’s manual regarding accessories and modifications. I just do not have the time to continue repairing it. MS3¿ „fi‡»` ─ 800 ㎖ (Replace) TE tail lamp, meter lamp and license plate R Uneven roads, rails, manhole covers, first, then disconnect the positive (+) battery wire. � The engine stop switch is in the “ Spilled engine coolant can damage MS3¿ „fi‡»` ● Remove the helmetbox inner cover. add fresh transmission oil until the oil and then released - returns smoothly � � The clock indicates 24-hour mode. THROTTLE GRIP provides for a rigid, nonmovable Other machines in its class are more accurately considered sporty standards. 300DPI 100LPI ● Drain fuel using a manual pump or similar system. Use a garden hose at low pressure to 1. N O T E Unscrew and extract the engine oil Failure to perform proper maintenance can also be hazardous. Check and adjust engine oil level D the original place. cleaners for spark plugs, with an iron 9. The life of the engine depends largely 『 NOTE 』have special meanings. � and check the engine oil level. � IG Hyosung dealer or a qualified service lamp is 120/70-13M/C 53S for front and be careful not to be burned. ● Correct brake lever play condition can be hazardous if you do ⑤ C 249.5 ㎤ Put the helmet as shown in the picture. Smooth response 75 on a firm, flat surface where it will not fall ◉ EXTERNAL WARNING conditions, your skill and experience. 9. ● Permit use only by dual rider. ` 87 20 WHAT TO lamp and high beam indicator lamp. Use the vacuum cleaner. failures. brake pads. G N O T E Steering components, suspensions T 3. PY Odometer → Trip meter O the engine to let it cool. Tire wear into the element while washing. CAUTION ◉ WEAR A HELMET manual. 300DPI 100LPI PY C 300DPI 100LPI expands due to engine heat or The table below shows the maximum C 2007.7.5 4:58 PM ˘ Collect it in a drian pan with adequate ● Before first use of the F)], use SAE 5W/30 for good starting the specification, consult your authorized Change the direction of head lamp light. O TE crankcase. ”when SIDE COVER STAY � � deposits, nor corrosion marks on the can be hazardous. 1. T Contact your doctor 68 H T your motorcycle in a non-traffic situation until you are thoroughly familiar TE soap and water. If the front or rear brake lever is not All features from the factory are standard and no options are available or needed. 61 the air cleaner element to prevent Front forks ★ WARNING when the ignition switch is turned to H Check if there is leakage from the radiator, ● Keep at least one brake operated and To reset the trip meter to zero, push the IG ● Place the motorcycle on the center be involved. or steam if you open the radiator cap displays all 5 segments. This aids the mating process of the parts. T IG Tire pressure should only be adjusted There should be 0.5 ~ 1.0 mm (0.02~0.04 D engine can now start. be hazardous. Keep fuel and other flammable substances away from electric components. � installing the accessories for your ● Do not engage the starting motor 1. C be hazardous. 48.8 mm (1.92 in) ☞ Refer to 39 page. CAUTION BATTERY C 20 The “F”(Full) mark indicates the fuel tank � suddenly. TE Push it for accessories. 2009 United Motors V2C 250T pictures, prices, information, and specifications. A thorough cleaning of your motorcycle is No restriction of movement CAUTION incorrect amount of engine oil can T footrests reduces the rider’s ability to motorcycle forward gripping the rear brake 1. 2 seconds ● Caution the rider and others near Refer to the When the ignition switch is turned to