What letters were the hardest to find verbs for? All Rights Reserved. After everyone has had a turn, tell the students to take out sheets of paper. They will be able to use these words in future writing, in conversations, and while they read. 1st grade. Copyright © 2020 Education.com, Inc, a division of IXL Learning • All Rights Reserved. Once students have completed and printed off their pages for the alphabet book or books, they should illustrate them. During guided practice, I will be walking around the classroom answering questions. You need to know this because you will be writing sentences on your own and in order to write them correctly, you have to include nouns and verbs for the sentence to make sense. | K-12 Teacher Newsletter Explain that verbs are action words. Let the students know that they will be learning some new vocabulary words that will assist them when they read and write. No standards associated with this content. Choose an index card. Their best friend is a noun because they are a person. I will be giving the students a thumbs-up sign when they give me the correct answer. Looking for some activities for teaching verbs to your Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade students? The student will understand what a noun and a verb are and when to use them. Teacher Name: Miss Meyer: Grade: Grade 1: Subject: Language Arts: Topic: ELA Grade 1-2: Content: Nouns and verbs: Goals: The student will understand what a noun and a verb … Identifying and using verbs. For complete grammar lesson plans and many more grammar activities (including the ones featured in this blog post), check out my Grammar Alive programs for Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade: Thank you Alison! Both of these activities come from my First Grade Grammar Alive program.. Activity #3: Build Verb Vocabulary with Games. I will write the definition on the board and ask the students to copy the definition into their notebooks. New Learning and Practice: 1. Review past tense regular verbs … If computer access is not available, have students create their own alphabet book pages. When they see a word that means an action, such as the word “run,” that is a verb. This is where the students will come to act out their word. All rights reserved. “We will now get some practice by doing some examples together.”. Some words you might use include: Tell students that the words that they just acted out are called. Each page of the book or books will contain a letter of the alphabet, a verb that starts with that letter, and a sentence using that verb. They should then click on the letter that their word begins with. Reading & Writing. Discuss this concept with the students to add to their understanding. Why is it important to know what a noun is? Seeing the action of the volcano along with the word “verb” written from top to bottom may assist students in remembering that verbs are action words. Gain or review knowledge of parts of speech by defining what verbs are, Access and expand their existing vocabulary by listing verbs for each letter of the alphabet, Apply their vocabulary and knowledge of parts of speech by using verbs in sentences that they then illustrate. However, you could simply have lots of cards for each part of speech and have your child sort them? http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/lesson-plans/action-learning-vocabulary-with-918.html, Contribute to ReadWriteThink / RSS / FAQs / Site Demonstrations / Contact Us / About Us. Your kids will love guessing their peers' actions and discovering new verbs. Saunter, jog, or dash over to this hands-on lesson, and you'll find a great way to teach your young readers about verbs. Identifying verbs (from a list): circle the verbs in the word bank. Let's write some simple sentences. Verbs Lesson - Use the worksheets for your lesson plan, or use student version as lesson supplement.. Verbs Worksheets - Printable teaching verbs worksheets.. Procedure. ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us. Summative: The following day, I will give the students a worksheet of words and they have to write in whether they are nouns or verbs. While students are working, circulate among groups answering questions and providing support as needed. These worksheets introduce verbs as action words. Given a worksheet with words, the student will decide whether the word is a noun or a verb 8 out of 10 times. Receive free lesson plans, printables, and worksheets by email: Popular Areas: Bloom's First, your students will play a fun game of charades that asks them to perform different action verbs. When they are ready, have them get into their groups and give each group a copy of the. Technology productivity tools: Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity. As it becomes obvious that some letters have few or no verbs next to them, explain that some letters (like, Ask students if they have any questions about the assignment. Remind students that they cannot talk; they're only allowed to make motions to help their classmates guess their word. When they have entered all their words, they will click on, The next screen will ask how they would like to print their organizer. Planning Blocks | Lesson Students will be able to identify and properly use active verbs. / Calling on each student and asking him or her whether the word I am giving them is a noun or a verb is a formative assessment. This verb lesson plan offers an introduction to verbs as well as a method for memorizing the difference between verbs and other parts of speech. The remaining players trade cards and go to the corresponding corner. Verbs worksheets for first grade. Allow volunteers to repeat the definition of an active verb. Technical Help  |  Legal  |  International Literacy Association  |  National Council of Teachers of English, Enchanted Learning: Online Picture Dictionary. Students develop their vocabulary and written expression by identifying verbs in sentences, inserting the correct verb … Subjects and verbs agree! This grammar lesson includes a fun interactive segment that students will love, and they will practice matching subjects to their verbs. Use verbs from another language to create a class alphabet book. If 90% of the class has a B or better, I will consider this lesson a success. When I feel that the students are comfortable with nouns, I will move onto verbs. Then draw an illustration of the sentence for the students to see. The leader calls out a corner (nouns, verbs, adjectives, or wild card) and all the students who were standing in that corner are out of the game and must sit down. Tell students they are going to play a game where they will act out words you say. Whether your students are just starting to learn about the parts of speech or are well on their way to being grammar gurus, these five activities will make learning about verbs a ton of fun! After a lesson on verbs, the learners will be able to give appropriate verbs to any person or animal the teacher tells to them to describe. The students will come up one at a time when their name is called and select an active verb card. While going over the pictures with the class, I will use a thumbs-up sign to show the student that they understand the concept. | Site Map. Have fun with this project and your students will be more likely to remember the lesson! Decide how you would like to assign verbs to your students. Formative: I will assess students’ knowledge during guided practice by asking them questions. Explain the similarities between “active” and “action.” Feel free to come up with any other visual and phonetic aids to assist your students. Again, the leader calls out “nouns,” “verbs,” “adjectives,” or “wild card,” and the game continues. Using verbs: use a verb to complete the sentence Warning - you are about to disable cookies. If any student is having trouble with this, I will assign them to a partner. Students should spend about 20 minutes creating a list of verbs for each letter of the alphabet (you may want to assign certain letters to each group to make sure all of the letters are covered). The words on the cards should be a mix of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Then, divide students up into small groups. Did I design enough exercises for students to master the skill? As a class, we practice identifying verbs in sentences (and acting out the sentences, too! Introduce the concept of verbs as action words with a game of “Simon Says!”. The student will then tell me whether the word is a noun or a verb. In this lesson, engage your students in thinking about how their lives will be, all while practicing persuasive writing and using future tense verbs! Use a playful theater activity to teach your first graders how to change a verb from the present to the past tense.