Here’s what you can do about it. Brazil is a rich land — rich in culture, natural resources and diversity. And… it’s true. Its juice is bittersweet and amazingly tasty, and if you ever cross paths with the picolé (popsicle) version, get one. There are 12 public holidays in total, which are observed nationwide, including Carnaval. Forget the hotel buffet and go track down these babies in the streets! It is a wholesome meal eaten around 7 p.m. or 8 p.m., and will be the last meal of the day. Lunch is followed by a simple dessert such as pudim (like a flan) and almost always by a shot of espresso with plenty of sugar. When drinking, Brazilians will usually snack on something such as pastels, empadas (pies) or a portion to be shared such as apim (roasted cassava), dried meat, salami, croquettes or fried chicken strips. Our North American interns all agreed that they were surprised to see how the portion sizes in Brazil are much smaller compared to the oversized portions served in their countries. Blog, Culture and Tradition Breakfast is eaten at home before leaving for work or school, or sometimes at the counter at the local padaria (bakery). Search for a topic, destination or article, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. This is very interesting because as a Brazilian, I have always seen this attitude as something rude and have never actually thought about the historic reasons behind it. Everyone at this point may be familiar with Brazilian treats like caipirinha and churrasco, but to truly understand Brazilian food glory you’ll need to familiarize yourself with at least one or two of the dishes listed below. In Brazil, as in some European and South America countries, vacations are usually long and highly anticipated. There’s violence in Brazil, but as one of our interns put: “if you are careful, street smart and avoid bad neighborhoods you should be fine and that’s valid not just for Brazil, but everywhere.” I couldn’t agree more. It’s a very important part of the local culture and expats should adhere to the custom. Other breakfast options include a simple, unfrosted orange or corn cake, granola or pão de queijo (cheese bread). Forget the hotel buffet and go track down these babies in the streets! At the lunch or dinner table, it’s polite to wait until everyone has been served before starting to eat. mobile app. One of the most popular places to have a business lunch is at a churrascaria (Brazilian all-you-can-eat steakhouse) where the waiters serve several cuts of meat on skewers at the table in addition to the large and diverse salad bar. This includes personalizing content and advertising. 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In this interesting book I am reading called “The Culture Map” the author says that punctuality “is profoundly affected by a number of historic factors that shape the ways people live, work, think, and interact with one another.” It also highlights that “in the developing world life centers around the fact of constant change.” Ishmael (Canada): Brazil is a cool-ass country but you need to smarten up about the toilet paper thing. It can be greasy, of course, but when properly done it’s a fantastic petisco (snack) to have with beer at a boteco (informal neighborhood bar) while watching a soccer match. It comes in cream or cascão (hard) versions and is usually served with white cheese in a traditional dessert called Romeu e Julieta. It’s time to take a trip around the world and delve into all the weird foods our species like to chow down. Brazilians are very concern when it comes to cleanliness. Around midday or 1 p.m., hoards of workers leave the office and enjoy an hour long lunch whilst casually chatting about anything and everything. For real, that's super gross. Generally speaking working Brazilians get 30 days of paid vacation, which isn’t different from the French, but our Americans interns in SP and Rio were really thrilled with the generous vacation time in the country, as opposed to the U.S where the average worker gets around 10-15 days off. The most popular drink to have during happy hour is not in fact caipirinha, which is more common among tourists, but a chopp (cold beer served in a small glass) or bottle beers of 600 milliliters served amongst the group. I love it. Unfortunately, the world isn’t only full of those tasty breakfasts we spoilt you with a while back – if only. So I’ve decided to talk to BRIC Language’s North Americans and Europeans interns in Brazil and a couple of expat friends to see what Brazilian habits they found unusual. Bahia is the best place to eat in Brazil. Finish with a small dose of cachaça and be happy. But don’t be surprised if your life-saver amigo gets too close to you when talking. So I’ve decided to talk to BRIC Language’s North Americans and Europeans interns in Brazil and a couple of expat friends to see what Brazilian habits they found unusual. Torresmo . They’re also gluten free? Brazilians will usually snack later in the day at about 3 p.m. and again at 6 p.m. on the way home from work. Other popular snacks include salgadinhos, which are savory pastries and breads, such as cheese breads or coxinhas (deep-fried dough with shredded chicken inside). In fancy restaurants in Rio and São Paulo, you’ll often find North American cheesecake and French soufflé versions on the menu. On the other hand, the US has 11 public holidays, Germany 9 and the UK just 8! Beer, served so cold that chunks of ice stick to the bottle, is the drink of choice in Brazil – and an assortment of fried foods makes the perfect pairing, be it pastéis (deep-fried parcels of crisp pastry, filled with melting cheese, minced beef or creamy hearts of palm), crunchy batons of manioc or bolinhos (‘little balls’, most often made with salt cod). It’s also the best hangover cure in the world (I know it well). I wrote a blog post about this some time ago, in which I say that there’s is actually a ritual behind a simply goodbye, when it comes to Brazilians. For real, that's super gross. Unmissable if you’re in the northern coastal cities of Fortaleza and Natal, it’s nothing more than crab (usually the goiamum variety) cooked inside the shell. 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