He then ends the hug and tells Belle that there'll be time for that and there'll be time for everything, but first, there is something he must do. However, he warns them that retrieving it is the main problem and that it is Emma who must obtain the potion of true love. This is the first episode to feature a teaser. Was this review helpful to you? Gold nods, saying that she is correct but Emma responds by telling him that she's not interested in breaking any curse, all she cares about is saving Henry. Starting to believe, Emma picks up the book and the book flashes red - she witnesses a montage of events which occurred when she was a baby in the Enchanted Forest. As the gurney is put into place next to several machines, Emma is asked to step back by a nurse, but she snaps that she is not going anywhere. Snow and Charming view the purple smoke as it draws nearer, they clearly don't know what it is but it's about to envelop them and so Charming hugs Snow tight as the two of them are engulfed by the mist. Maleficent quickly repels him away and magically extinguishes all the candles in the room, leaving Prince Charming swinging his sword wildly in the dark. In the Enchanted Forest, Rumplestiltskin shows Prince Charming the bottled true love potion, created from Snow White and Prince Charming's hair. It is dusty and has clearly been kept down there for a while, (see "That Still Small Voice") in awe of this, Emma steps backwards and leans her back against the wall, however, the "wall" opens a large, green eye. Amidst the rush, a man, revealed to be Jefferson, walks through a secured door, leading to the cell where Belle is confined. Regina asks the blonde if she knows where to meet and Emma answers positively, ordering Regina not to be late before walking out of the room. Charming runs at him again with his sword but Rumple uses his handle to hit the prince on the back of the head before causing him to fly into a tree, once again using magic. He unlocks it and the egg opens and Mr. Gold takes out the vial of sparkling pink liquid that is true love. Under Storybrooke, Emma runs behind another large rock as the dragon causes a segment of cliff to fall down into the bottomless pit and she breathes more fire. Character backstory Happy, Grumpy and Bashful proceed to lift the lid from the glass coffin and Charming leans in towards Snow, before kissing her. Regina and Emma meet outside the clock tower and enter the boarded up, locked building. Emma walks into her son's room as Regina watches through the glass. Charming is saddened and runs to it, staring at his true love through the glass. Jefferson asks Belle if she understands and the prisoner nods, saying that she does. "Firebird" • Gold tells Regina that she is to do nothing, it has to be Miss Swan. Regina looks angrily at Gold but Emma asks him what it is, staring at the blade and holster within the case. You wake him up!" The Evil Queen walks through her palace in a rage, the Huntsman soon enters the same room and Regina immediately asks where "he" is, meaning Charming. "Snow Falls" • Episode cast overview, first billed only. The former asks if she has magic but the Queen shakes her head, telling Emma that the poisoned apple turnover was the last of it. The blonde then spots something nearby - Prince Charming's sword which she had earlier discarded. As Henry's body is seen lying there, Regina takes a sigh of depression and Emma continues to stare at her dead son, before doing the same. She takes his hand and tells him that when she gave him this book it was because she knows life doesn't always have a happy ending, "But I thought-" she starts before the machines Henry is hooked up to begin bleeping madly. ONCE UPON A TIME. She backs up against a wall, when a giant green eye appears. Rumplestiltskin enchants Prince Charming's mother's ring so that it will glow bright as he gets closer to Snow White. He assures her that he tried his best but she tells him he's failed, asking him if he knows what happens to people who fail her. She tells him that she was told to find him and tell him that Regina locked her up. "Smash the Mirror" • Title: Mr. Gold is opening up the egg in his shop and removes the bottle of true love. "The Crocodile" • The blonde wonders what they are to do and Regina steps away from the lockers, explaining that they need help and that there's one other person in town who knows about this, who knows about magic. They are shocked by what they see. "It's like..." Whale starts. This episode marks the return of former main castmember, This marks the seventh writing credit for both. He lifts it up to inspect it before hearing the bell of his door sound, signifying that someone is entering the shop and so he quickly places the potion in his pocket and the egg in a box behind him. He jumps on her back and implants the egg in her before jumping out a window into the lake far below. Don't let my sacrifice be in vain. Whale shines his little torch next into Henry's mouth, saying that his airways are clear, thinking Emma is wrong. When Charming asks how they will do that, she says they will do it together. Emma asks. May 13, 2012[1] When asked by Emma, Henry refers to it as "something bad". Regina walks towards Henry and tells him that no matter what he thinks and no matter what anyone tells him, she does love him. Rumplestiltskin says he wants Snow White and Prince Charming to be together, and that he will help him find her, on one condition. Really loved the idea of turning familiar fairy tales on their heads and putting own interpretations on them and the show early on clearly had clearly had a ball. Watched it without fail every time it came on and it was often a highlight of the week. Soon, we see Emma traveling downwards in the elevator as she draws her father's sword, looking at it. "Lady of the Lake" • "He will never be anyone's unless you fix him. GALLERY "Save Henry" • (13 May 2012). Regina begs Emma to stop but the blonde merely keeps her restrained, keeping one grip on her wrist and the other arm across her throat. "The Cricket Game" • says Jefferson who approaches Regina, saying that there's nothing worse than not knowing if you'll ever see your child again. The doctor orders a nurse to get Mary Margaret out of there and the teacher is restrained and taken away as a nurse begins to pound down on Henry's heart and they perform CPR. Regina looks at the purple sheet as it draws nearer and smiles menacingly at it, realizing what it is. "Lost Girl" • Prince Charming Here we see Regina and Emma having a face-off, while Henry fights for his life. Charming removes the weight of his satchel and crosses blades with Rumple once more, as the two battle, Rumple elbows Charming in the stomach and forces him backwards with magic. "Siege Perilous" • This is the first title card not to be accompanied by the usual opening music. He says that he has a bottle of true love that he smuggled from the Enchanted Forest. Regina adds that magic in this world is unpredictable and Emma questions what they should do. Suddenly, the elevator halts, stunning Emma who grabs onto the walls to stabilize herself. The Huntsman assures Regina that he'll find Charming and that she needn't worry, requesting that she leave it to him. Season 01, Episode 22 Charming stands up and joyously kisses his fiancée, but when they pull away, she doesn't appear happy. She asks him what's happening to him and, in a weak voice, he realizes that she can see it now and that she believes. What is down there?" She sadly explains to him why she gave him the book - to help him understand that life does not always have a happy ending.