In 2015, DuPont spun off Chemours, allegedly to avoid liability for the cleanup of PFOA, PFOS and their toxic replacement GenX. The company is also expected to generate higher margins than Dow. November 27, 1999. It's estimated to have a 10% growth rate through 2022. DuPont's portfolio has been described as "specialty materials," which is pretty vague. In August 2001, Bilott filed a class action lawsuit against DuPont on behalf of the approximately 70,000 people in West Virginia and Ohio with PFOA-contaminated drinking water, which was settled in September 2004, with class benefits valued at over $300 million, including DuPont agreeing to install filtration plants in the six affected water districts and dozens of impacted private wells, a cash award of $70 million, and provisions … This time it came from the homeowners Shane Jones and Samantha Mostaccio, who also filed the lawsuit making similar claims about Donovan’s negligent construction. OSHA inspectors also found a break room table, a restroom door and a protective suit — which had been decontaminated — also had been contaminated with PFOA. In 2004, the EPA "filed a lawsuit against DuPont, charging it with concealing evidence about C8's risks for more than two decades." ", Jones' friend Janet Ray's husband passed away 16 years ago from pancreatic cancer. Harry Deitzler served as a lead attorney, among others, in representing the Kigers and tens of thousands of others in the class-action suit. The total concentration was 62.14 parts per trillion. Danzey was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer that led to the amputation of her leg. Here's what you need to know about the real-life DuPont lawsuit. Additional animal studies show C8 causes tumors to form in the testes, liver, and pancreas. To read more, click Dupont C8 Ulcerative Colitis Science Panel. . The science panel consisted of Dr. Tony Fletcher of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Dr. David Savitz of Brown University in Providence; and Dr. Kyle Steenland of Emory University in Atlanta. Post-diagnosis, Cox had begun performing stand-up comedy routines that incorporated flute solos. There are about a dozen houses along Ray's street in Vienna, a Parkersburg suburb, "and I think just about every house during the time I've lived on the street has been affected by cancer. According to Salon, which published a long-form article about the case that we recommend reading, the Environmental Protection Agency got involved in the suit as well. . On February 13, 2017, a global settlement in the amount of $670 million was reached with our team of lawyers and DuPont. "They're hiding something," the two begin to suspect. And that's particularly tough for DowDuPont's agricultural sciences spinoff Corteva, which derives more than half its revenue from North America. C8 (also known as Perfluorooctanoic (PFOA)) is a man-made chemical known as a “surfactant” because it is very slippery and reduces the surface tension of water. [Expletive] him. Hawkins was student body president of the Parkersburg High class of 1993. Deitzler was the architect of the decision to use the $70 million to conduct the study. "I certainly hope it didn't. PFOA and similar fluorinated compounds remain in the body and can accumulate. Bilott’s revelations had the power to tarnish the company’s reputation and lead to huge legal and cleanup costs, so DuPont focused on weathering the scrutiny of regulators and keeping its name — and profits — unscathed. In 2016, Fort Bragg, home of the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, in Fayetteville  reported five types of PFAS in drinking water. At a quarterly $0.30 a share and a current share price of about $66.50, DuPont is yielding only about 1.8%. Finally the plant recognizes it must get public first, something I have been urging for over a year, better late than never, we are hoping plaintiff does not get there the next couple days, we need about a week. Some folks were unsure of what to make of Deitzler. We learned recently that our analytical technique has very poor recovery, often 25%, so any result we get should be multiplied by a factor of 4 or even 5. DuPont publicly denied any evidence of harm, Rob Bilott, the attorney who won a landmark class-action suit against the company, testified at the hearing. They were each paid $400. As part of the national litigation involving C8, our team of attorneys discovered the following facts and statements in DuPont internal documents. Yet because there were no regulations for PFOA exposure in the workplace, OSHA could not cite DuPont for the problems at Fayetteville. In North Carolina, a bill that would have prohibited the use, manufacture and sale of PFAS-contaminated firefighting foams never received a full hearing. To determine whether you are qualified for medical testing, visit DuPont C8 Medical Monitoring Program.