I added some Chicken Manure pellets to the planting hole for a slow release feed as they will be hungry when establishing. These plants live for many years, so adding plenty of nutrients, in the form of well-rotted compost, to the soil at planting time is a good idea. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Hello Peony plants dry off and die back from Autumn. Sue. Shrubs, trees and roses are often supplied as bare-root plants, and perennials can be planted this way too.. Bare-root plants tend to be cheaper than pot-grown ones, making them an economical choice. The proper planting depth for bare root peonies is 1-2″ deep. I know I have! All the best When planting bare root or pot-grown peonies, give each clump a sunny exposed spot in the garden that’s at least three feet in diameter and well away from tree roots, fences and house shade. Now that it’s April, who can wait for the peony plants in our gardens to bloom? they will shoot again in Spring. link to How Like To Know It Works & How To Use It (+Who To Follow), link to How To Start A Vegetable Garden From Scratch, Rodale’s Basic Organic Gardening: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Healthy Garden, choosing and planting new hellebore flowers, Bare root peonies (dormant tubers in bag with sawdust/peat), Potted peonies (potted plant with a few dark red stems growing up), You get to garden outside after a long winter with only houseplants and seedlings (YAY!!! Sue, Your email address will not be published. - About Mary Jane (https://www.homefortheharvest.com/authors/about-mary-jane-duford/), How Like To Know It Works & How To Use It (+Who To Follow). I dug site holes in the border before planting, I removed any weeds from the area around the holes. Then when the warmer weather comes, they can burst into life. What a lovely day, a day out of the office and back to the Private Estate where I work as a Gardener. ), Potential for delayed growth due to non-dormant transplanting, Need to be watered after transplant more than fall-planted peonies (I recommend, May not bloom in the first year (this year is more like growing year zero than growing year one), No end-of-season blowout sales offered by retailers yet. Specialty or rare cultivars may only be available at specific times of the year (generally for fall planting) and/or in limited forms (often bare root when shipped). Here are some of the drawbacks of planting peonies in spring: So, a peony planted in spring can certainly be expected to survive and thrive with dedicated TLC – it just may take a year or two for the flowers we all love. It does look like you are planting a ‘stick’ but I can safely say, you will enjoy seeing your newly planted plant ‘Spring’ into life. If you need any guidance on their care please take a look at our video on How to plant peonies https://youtu.be/qb8ZJaFpFJw They will quickly catch up on any growth that would have been made, had they been planted earlier on. Right now, is the perfect time to plant bare rooted plants. I grew up on a farm as a child and always had my own piece of land to grow and learn with, so I suppose its in the blood! Outgoing links in this post may be affiliate links in which this site receives a portion of sales at no extra cost. There always seems to be so many different cultivars available when the garden centres open in the springtime. Within the collection, Paeonia suffruticosa, are ‘Ruby’, ‘White Crane’ and ‘Lu’s Pink’. You may want to let them root in to the container and plant them back out in the garden in autumn when the soil is not so dry. This is how the Peonies arrive, they need a soak for at least an hour to hydrate the roots. Please rest assured that they can still be planted now. They will grow and bloom the following spring and summer season. We have had quite a cool spring and the soil should still have plenty of moisture to ensure that they get off to a good start. I would avoid keeping them submerged in water as this may cause them to rot. Your email address will not be published. Planting Bare Root Peonies – Gardening Advice, Geranium pests, diseases and other problems, Trouble Shooting your Geranium growing problems, Introducing Thompson & Morgan’s little book of garden wisdom, The sweetest tomato you’ll ever taste – or your money back, Small border planting ideas with high impact. PLANTED BARE ROOT PEONIE HOW LONG BEFORE I SEE IT COMING UP, Hello While we are talking about peonies let’s dispel another myth: that peonies don’t like being moved. I'm MJ. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So, today’s job was to plant a Tree Peony Collection I had ordered. Here's a guide for using the LIKEtoKNOWit app, as well as how... How To Start A Vegetable Garden From Scratch. Although we would recommend that they are normally planted around March/ April, this is really just a guide. Here is a video of me planting them: Here are some of the benefits of planting peonies in spring: Some gardeners will only plant peonies in the fall. These will look great! Your peonies will be sent to you as ‘bare roots’. One of my earliest memories; helping my Mum and Dad weed the veggie plot and collecting chicken eggs from the chooks at the end of the garden. All Bare root plants need to be well watered in, and then regularly watered afterwards, while they are establishing themselves during the first season in their new position. And after planting, just be sure to keep your peony well mulched, watered, and generally cared-for throughout the year. I dug site holes in the border before planting, I removed any weeds from the area around the holes.