The most common materials for comforter shells include: The fill material in a comforter will have the biggest impact on how much heat a comforter will retain, and as a result, it is a key point of emphasis for hot sleepers. Generally speaking, cooling pillows are best suited for the following types of sleepers: On the other hand, cooling pillows may not be suitable for the following sleeper types: Cooling pillows are available through select brick-and-mortar and online home goods retailers, as well as exclusively online retailers like and Some disadvantages include: Cost: Due to their specialized designs, cooling pillows are often priced significantly higher than non-cooling pillows. Why Do I Kick In My Sleep Without Consciousness? We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. This device lives inside your pillowcase and connects to a bedside “POD” on your nightstand, circulating thermoregulated water between the two to maintain a chosen temperature between 64 and 95 degrees F. Body temperature plays a large role in both the quality of your sleep and your overall comfort. However, washing may lead to shrinkage. Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet utilizes a lightweight, cool, and cozy construction to provide an excellent luxury experience. Other fill materials simply do not provide the same level of cooling. The Comfort Spaces is also one of the more affordable comforters on this list; it is currently under $50 for a Full/Queen size, which is a particularly good deal for a cooling comforter. The average cooling pillow weighs between three and five pounds, which is considered slightly above-average; some sleepers may struggle to move these pillows during the night. If you already outsource your laundry or take regular trips to the dry cleaner, you may prefer a dry-clean-only comforter. Which do you think could cater to your needs? The comforter is priced competitively and should be a good match for those who want a cooling comforter without breaking the bank. For example, those who own pets may find that they need to wash they comforter more frequently than others. Since real down comforters aren’t machine washed, it can cause an asthma attack. The Moona Pillow Pad is a pillow cooling device that allows you to set and maintain the temperature of your pillow. Down tends to breathe more and be warmer, while down alternative tends to be more affordable and more comfortable for people with allergies. Learn More. The comforter is a great luxury item; it contains high-quality components. The air trapped between the down provides warmth and allows the comforter to breathe so resting beneath it is more relaxing. There are several types of down alternative comforters. Down alternative is made from polyester puffballs engineered to mimic the lightness and softness of real down. The graph below lists the average price-points of cooling pillows and seven non-cooling pillow types. The Linenspa is a thinner comforter designed to work for all seasons; it should not sleep too hot. In contrast, ducks are often farmed. The comforter can be washed and dried in a machine, making it relatively low-maintenance as well. The popular type is the down comforter, which is made of duck or goose feathers. This allows for more airflow, so a down comforter should sleep cooler than a down alternative comforter. The Casper also features a shell made from 100% cotton; this is more breathable than the microfiber shells one finds in other types of comforters. Free shipping is also available to customers in the contiguous U.S. Made from polyester puffballs, down alternative is a popular pillow material because it is hypoallergenic and usually priced lower than authentic down; unfortunately, many down alternative pillows also deteriorate rather quickly. It’s important to note that down is usually white or grey. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. There are a handful of other ways that you can optimize your sleep environment to prevent from overheating at night. Tempur-Pedic products have been touted for their durability, and this pillow is no exception; the resilient memory foam typically resists permanent sagging and deterioration after years of use. Side-sleepers tend to feel most comfortable on medium-loft pillows with moderate firmness, and most cooling pillows sold today meet this criteria. Utopia Bedding’s Quilted Comforter with Corner Tabs Review, Superior Down Alternative Comforter Review, Types of Down Alternative Comforters (What is down alternative comforter made of), Down Alternative vs. Genuine Down Comforters. Based on the above analysis, it is easy to see that in most cases, the clear winner is the down comforter. They also have the capacity to eliminate the body’s dampness. As a result, the comforter is suitable for any time of year. The following two tabs change content below. There are many variables that can affect the performance of water-repellent down, including the chemistry, the application process and the quality of the down being used, but in general the treatment improves down’s resistance to moisture without affecting loft, insulating power, weight or durability. Most buckwheat pillows also have organic-cotton covers. On the other hand, if you already tend to sleep hot, having a comforter can cause you to sweat and overheat in the night. This type of comforter has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, but it could definitely be a great buy for you depending on your wants and needs. The cover is also highly breathable and helps regulate the comforter’s overall temperature. A hypodown comforter is hotter and more breathable and resilient compared to other down alternative comforters.