Criminal Law, Criminal Charges, & Criminal Defense Lawyer

Especially noteworthy, “Criminal” carries a negative connotation and feeling in our society. Of course, it’s a scary situation when you are under arrest, get a warrant, or even receive a citation. A Criminal Defense Lawyerlocated near you in Rockdale County, Conyers, Georgia can help you with your criminal defense matter.

Can I go to jail for a misdemeanor charge?

Can I go to jail for a felony charge?

How much is my fine?

Do I have to get drug tested for my criminal defense matter?

What will happen in court at my criminal defense hearing?

Is this criminal defense a misdemeanor or a felony?

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

The above are all typical questions that our clients first ask us. Although we are not the court or the judge to make a final determination, we can walk by your side. In addition, every legal step of the troublesome criminal defense process is planned by your Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Legal Expertise from a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Furthermore, you can count on us to provide you with legal aid to all  felony criminal defense matters. We also handle misdemeanors. In addition, we have several years’ experience in handling criminal  defense matters. Another attribute we have is a proven system to handle your criminal matter so that the legal system does NOT “railroad” you in your criminal defense case. We have legal expertise and knowledge that can give you a peace of mind. Most noteworthy, we offer you an entire legal team handling your criminal defense matter. and a Criminal Defense Lawyer on your side at every court hearing.

Criminal Defense Lawyer can get your Life back on track

Most of all, do not let a criminal defense case ruin your life. Let us be of service to you and provide you with the legal expertise you need by your side. We can walk with you in this troublesome time, and be a zealous advocate for not only your case but for your life.