Rockdale County DUI Lawyer

DUI Lawyer

DUI lawyer Gordon Hall is specialized at providing superior representation for DUI clients.

What can a DUI lawyer do for you? It’s about a lot more than filing some papers and going to court. Let us Help get your LIFE BACK ON TRACK.

Your first DUI and you’re scared of going to jail or permanently losing your license… or maybe it’s your second, third, or fourth and you are scared the judge and district attorney won’t be so merciful to you. Neither will your job. Don’t do it alone. Give yourself an opportunity for a second chance. Let an experienced DUI lawyer help you with your case.

Ways to Fight your DUI Case:

There is more than one way for your DUI Lawyer to fight your DUI. This DUI law firm takes each case very seriously and conduct case analysis and a strategic defense plan for you.

Perhaps, you may not have been under the influence or alcohol or any other drugs at the time of your arrest. Maybe you were arrested unjustly because the cops did not have enough to do a DUI arrest at all. Take a step to fighting for your case. Do you think you don’t have a way to fight your DUI case? Let us take a look and find a way to fight it for you!

DUI Lawyer and Legal Team: Our DUI Legal Team  is TRAINED and CERTIFIED.

Allow a whole team of DUI legal experts to do the fighting for you. We do NOT take DUI’s lightly. In fact, we strive to achieve excellence in all we do. That’s why the  DUI lawyer AND the DUI paralegal, the DUI investigator, and even the DUI office manager (not just the attorney) all take annual NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) training courses on required procedures to authorize a DUI arrest.

Why would we spend money and time to take these classes and obtain the same specialized DUI training that the police officers receive? Our DUI LAW OFFICE does this because we strongly believe that many DUI arrests are not lawful DUI arrests.  We do this for you, our future client, and for our present clients. We have an advantage over other defense counsel because we are armed with the tools and knowledge about all of the requirements to make a DUI arrest.

Yes, this is my actual license plate. Do you think I am serious about defending DUIs?

The DUI Lawyer typically finds at least one error made by the arresting officer.

There is too much room for a police officer to mess up a DUI arrest because he has to follow approximately 4000 pages of required procedure. This means that there are not only Constitutional defenses, but also regulatory, statutory, and case law DUI procedural defenses, that could possibly lead to a reduction of charges or dismissal of the case. Even if you were under the influence, we can do a thorough analysis. We do a 3 phase analysis of all the evidence, including the police in-car video that we can obtain from the day of your DUI arrest.   Also, know that just because you had a drink prior to driving does not mean that you were an impaired driver according to the law.  Therefore, you should consider hiring a qualified DUI lawyer to explore all your possible defenses.

The DUI attorney is not the basic in any way. The DUI attorney is a DUI Expert.

We do not just give you basic legal advice and throw you out to the wolves; instead, we do the fighting for you. We have the specialized DUI tools and understanding needed to give you the best fight for your license, your liberty, your job, and your life.